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Saturday, February 21, 2009

What was my mother thinking?!

Whenever I have lots of laundry to fold, I'll pop a DVD into my laptop for background noise. I call these my "laundry movies --" movies that I've seen several times and have likely memorized. Because they are familiar to me, I don't really have to pay attention to every scene, which would slow down my progress on the folding.

Mostly my laundry movies are chick flicks -- Steel Magnolias, Fever Pitch, Dan in Real Life, The Devil Wears Prada. Today I was in the mood for a little something different, so I picked Grease.

I was 8 years old when Grease hit the theaters. I remember going to see it at the theater near the Pop Shoppe where my dad would buy big brown tins of Charles' Chips pretzels. I loved Grease like my kids love High School Musical (or like Annie did love HSM before she got too old for it to be considered "cool.")

But listening to Grease today -- and ok, stopping my laundry efforts to watch a few scenes --, I'm wondering "what was my mother thinking letting me see that movie?!" It's actually got quite a bit of racy language.

I guess my mom assumed (probably correctly) that much of it would be over my head. I was mostly caught up in the music and dancing. Perhaps I caught on to Rizzo's possibly being knocked up, though I don't remember for sure. But I know that I was oblivious to phrases like "gang bang" and "flog your log." And I thought the lyrics to "Greased Lightning" said "the chicks will 'scream' for Greased Lightning."

Movie ratings back then were probably G, PG and R. So, I guess PG is the right rating for it. I looked it up on and it rated the same as the remake of Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, which I let my kids watch without reservation.

And truth be told, I have let my kids watch Grease. So I suppose my mom is off the hook, this time. But if Charlie ever asks me about the meaning of "flog your log," I will swear up and down that it means to add another piece of wood to the fire.


Mike Magan said...

so what does "flog your log mean?" Is it the same as "choke the chicken"?

Sharon said...

LOL! Man, I watched some movies at a young age too that surprised me (looking back as an adult).

I remember seeing Grease for the first time around the same age. Loved it. I still love the soundtrack. And yeah, I was clueless on a lot of the happenings in the movie.

I share this in common with you-having certain things to watch while folding laundry. I have my routine: I save it for folding until after the kids are in bed, so I can watch whatever I want while folding. (usually reserves in the dvr)

Smoochiefrog said...

Wait, what?

You mean it's NOT scream?

Oh crap!

Anonymous said...

I realized this in college and was flabbergasted! I just could not believe it when I realized the lyrics, etc.

So glad High School Musical is clean and I can let the kids watch it without reservation.

Joanie said...

My 3 kids all went to Catholic school (K thru 12). Danielle is a Senior this year. Gina even went to a Catholic college. Their high school will never be allowed to do the musical, Grease because of the suggestions of pre-marital sex and the possiblity that Rizzo had an abortion (when she tells Konicky that it isn't a problem any more).
BUT they were going to do West Side Story in 2002 but it was right after Sept. 11 and the principal thought they should steer away from any kind of violent theme.(Gina actually performed in it in college) So they did Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Oh yeah... let's do one where we throw our brother, who we all hate, down a well and leave him for dead instead! Then, sell him as a slave at the last minute. Good pick, Padre! All he knew was it was a bible story. LOL!!!!! (Gina was the narrator for that one)

I love movie musicals and Grease is a favorite of mine (even though Sandy succumbs to peer pressure and looks like a slut by the end of the movie to get her man)

Wow that sounded way more serious than I had intended! hahaha