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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fragments in 8 minutes or less

It's Friday. It's Fragments. And I'm frantic to whip these out before I have to go pick Annie up from summer gym in 8, yipes!, 7 minutes.

Going for the acrostic approach to today's fragments.

F: Filter. Is yours on? Do you know what I'm talking about?

R: Robins. Our baby robins are getting so big! Mike's hooking up the baby bird cam again and I'll post a new video here soon.

A: Amy. That's my name. It's also the first name of about a bazillion other girls born in or around 1970. If this is your first visit, nice to meetcha.

G: Girlfriends. Gotta have 'em. I used to get together with mine weekly. But then we all started working more and coffee-klatching less. I miss them.

M: Mike. He had two job interviews this week. Please pray that something -- the right thing -- happens soon.

E: Envy. My sister sent me a video of her big pregnant belly and the little squirt dancing in there. I swear I an arm or a leg almost popped right out of the top of her belly button. It made me a little envious. I LOVED being pregnant. Now, when my belly moves all on its own, it's not so cute.

N: Needs. In our current budget-challenged state, when there are so many things I want -- a new phone, new tennis shoes, a new car, a nice vacation -- I have to be mindful to be thankful that while there are plenty of wants, our needs do not go unanswered.

T: Time. Never enough of it. Or maybe I'm a bad manager of it (more likely the case). But my to-do lists are fast growing. Hoping to catch up on a bunch of it this weekend.

S: Shoot! Two minutes over my deadline. Guess that makes this "Fragments in 10 minutes or less."

Have a great weekend!


Ellen aka Ellie said...

My good friend is Amy, my sister is Amy, and my sister-in-law is Amy. My friend Brenda told me I have too many Amys in my life. Good think she doesn't know about you! (My 4th Amy!)

I get the budgetary thing, oh do I. And I have been praying for your husband.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Wow! You are quick! I know the answer to the filter question. Mine is set to medium! Praying for jobs and provision!

Love ya!

Stacy said...

Yeeesh...mine was more like fragments in 80! As for the filter, mine is set higher than it used to be...especially on certain topics.

Joanie said...

What a clever idea for your friday fragments!

mub said...

I'm impressed by your speed!

My brain to mouth filter usually works when I'm around people. If I'm by myself I probably sound like a crazy lady muttering to herself about all that is wrong with the world!

Claudya Martinez said...

Send Mike positive thoughts. May something wonderful happen very soon.

Matty said...

In my younger days, I once asked a woman when she was due. Her reply? "I'm not pregnant". OUCH.

Positive thoughts for Mike. The right job is waiting for him.

Cyndy Bush said...

I love the way you did this - brilliant!
I loved being pregnant, too, but I don't want any more babies!
Sending good job vibes to Mike.

Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for the visit! I love your blog---and the acrostic version is pretty cool, too!

I couldn't find an e-mail to reply to. It's probably there someplace but I have to go and sew a banner now.