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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Robbie was right about the dog

Last July, we adopted Gabby, the bagle hound. She came to us, as you may remember, with the promise that she was good with cats, great with kids, good on a leash and housebroken. And she was good with cats (though the cat was not good with her and defected on his own accord), great with kids, good on a leash, and definitely NOT housebroken. 

For over a year, we tried to figure out ways to keep our home dog-friendly and pee-free. I talked to an animal behaviorist. We crated her. I searched on the internet for solutions. We gated off the upstairs -- her favorite place to potty. I even had an energy worker tap into the dog's aura and re-align her chakras. The only thing we didn't try was what Robbie suggested on a few occasions. 

"Mommy, maybe Gabby would be better if we got her a friend dog."

Let me assure you there was no way on Noah's ark that I was about to bring another animal into our house. That's just what I did not need. 

After trying for more than a year to make the dog pee and poop outside, we had to call it. There was no way we could keep her. I contacted the rescue where we got her, as well as another nearby no-kill shelter. They both said they would see if they could find a place for her. 

Then my sister offered to put an ad about Gabby in the daily e-mail for employees at the company where she works. 

4yo beagle/basset hound mix (hence "bagle hound") named Gabby needs a new home. She is a sweet, sweet, mild-mannered dog. She rarely barks and she is so tolerant of kids. She came to us 1 year ago. According to the rescue where we got her, she was housebroken. However, our lack of fence and no other dogs to follow has made this difficult in our house.

Gabby needs a fenced yard (6ft) or lots of walks -- she loves them -- and preferably another dog or two to play with. She loves Beggin' Strips, rawhide bones, chasing after balls and playing tug of war. She is very gentle, unless you try to take food from her. Then she will growl.

She is due for her check-up and shots, which we will be happy to take care of.  We'd also be willing to allow a test-run of a few days to see how things go.

 Within an hour of the e-mail going out, I received a phone call from someone interested in adopting Gabby. A few phone calls and dozen or so text messages later and Gabby, the very cute, very sweet, very ill-mannered, very unhousebroken dog has a new home...and, as Robbie had suggested, a friend dog:


Since she's been in her new home, I've received a few text messages from Gabby's new mom. She's fitting in very well -- loves running in the fenced yard and playing with her brother dog, Briggs. And she has not peed in the house once. 
See? Robbie was right.


kimybeee said...

i am sad for robbie - but happy for gabby!!

our small dog sophie will go outside and potty if big dog chloe goes too. if chloe doesn't go, sophie goes out and plays with the cats. she has a very bad inside habit as well, but it is hard to punish the dog when i am the only human that will let her out. my husband lets them out in the morning, but forgets about them the rest of the time. and big dog chloe can go almost 24 hours without going out - she will only go when she wants and sophie would go outside 500 times a day!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

This is good news. I hope Robbie feels more happy about being right than sad about missing his dog.