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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A better use of your time than my whining

Earlier this evening, I published what was intended to be a funny and whiney post about all that I've imagined ails me.

Then I opened my e-mail to several messages from our parish prayer tree requesting prayer for people who are experiencing real suffering and even death. Can you say "perspective?"

So please, take a moment if you will to pray for all those who are waging battle against sickness, disease and tragedy. I can suck it up for them.

And if you know of someone in need of those prayers, please feel free to leave a request for their needs so we can all keep them in our prayers.


Unknown said...

Do not fret! If your world is topsy-turvy, then your crisis is REAL! yYes, perspective is good for the soul, but sometimes you just need to let off some steam so you don't haul off and unload on some poor soul who mistakenly asks you if you are ok. You are good to go here!

Julie- Amy's Mom said...

Speaking of "perspective", today at work in our clinic, I had directed a patient to the bathroom to collect a urine specimen. When he came out with his small jar, he said he had a question. He said he was looking at the extra roll of toliet paper on the shelf and was wondering if he could have it. He said he needed it at home.

I told him I'd have to check, but went to our storage closet and got a "plain brown wrapper" paper bag and put a new roll of TP into it. His big smile reminded me of how trivial my wants and "needs" really are. Guess maybe I was able to be his St. Nick today.