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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How was your day today, kid?

This is the first summer that we have not hired a summer babysitter or had one of us home most days of the week. So this is the summer of 10 zillion schedules. Summer gym. Police teen academy. Basketball camp. Boy Scout camp. Theatre practice. Probably Amateur Fireworks Camp -- I can't remember them all.

And I'm left trying to live vicariously through the bits and pieces that my kids tell me about their days.

"So Robbie, how was Boy Scout camp today?"
"Just good?" 
"Yeah. Good." 

He's covered in dirt from head to toe, his hair is all jacked up and he smells like little boy, but all he can tell me about the past 8 hours is "good."

Then there's Charlie. He's more forthcoming.

"So how was police academy?"
"Torture. We marched everywhere and people were looking at us funny."
"But did you have fun?"
"Yeah. And they passed around meth, cocaine, crack and weed."

Boy, was he hungry after camp.

Getting information about the day from the teenager is a little trickier. It's an adventure in navigating through stories that must be really funny because she's laughing so hard I can't understand anything she's saying and deciphering grunts that provide the sound effects to the text conversations she's having with 27 of her closest friends at one time.

At least there is one other adult in the family who I can talk to.

"How was your day, Mike?"
"Hmmm? Oh, good. What's there to eat?"


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Okay, I know this post is meant to be funny and it IS, but I'm still going to give you advice (even though you already know it...)

I teach. (And I am a mom.) At open house night in August, I always tell my parents to ask specific questions, "What did you read in reading today?" "Who did you play with at recess?"

So you SHOULD (like that, me telling you what to do!) ask your little guy, "How did you get so dirty?"

Your middle guy, "Can you mimic one of those funny looks?"

Your oldest "boy," "Why don't you go see what you can find to whip up?"


Jenny said...

This sounds like my house. Especially my boys.

Nancy said...

Sounds like my house with daughter and husband. And when I try the specific questions with D, I usually get "I don't remember". Ugh....