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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's in that purse?

 photo null_zpsd840d8e5.jpgA few months ago, I bought a new purse. The price was right ($20), the purse was cute (turquoise!), and my old one was dirty and fraying. I love this new purse. It's kind of like Mary Poppins' carpet bag -- seemingly bottomless. It's that capacity for carrying everything that is the purse's one drawback. Carting around a bunch of stuff can get heavy. Yesterday when I picked it up, I thought "No wonder my arm is all jacked up."

How heavy is heavy? I took the purse upstairs and set it on the bathroom scale. It weighed nearly 6 pounds! Truthfully, I expected it to be more than that. But still, 6 pounds is the size of some newborn humans.

So exactly what is in a purse that weighs 6 pounds? This:

 photo null_zpsec0d66fa.jpg

  • 1 box of generic allergy medicine
  • 2 bottles of ibuprofen (the shoulder, you know)
  • 2 different kinds of lip gloss
  • Foundation (ironic, because I rarely wear makeup)
  • Blush
  • A broken mechanical pencil
  • Lip balm, free from a exhibit booth at a trade show
  • Binder clip (to pull back my hair)
  • A Diet Coke cap waiting for me to enter the code for Coke Rewards (drunk by someone else)
  • Wallet (sadly, the emptiest of all)
  • Pool key
  • 3 maxi pads
  • 1 pack of Splenda
  • 1 pack of Pure Via
  • Acne medication samples
  • Sunglasses
  • 2 hardback books -- one biography and one daily inspirations
  • 35 cents in loose change
  • A pen that I told the kids absolutely must not leave the kitchen calendar area
  • An envelope of coupons
  • Random register coupons from Target and Walgreens
  • 2 expired Walgreens monthly savings booklets
  • Numerous old receipts that just got shoved in the purse as soon as the cashier handed them over
  • Bag of box tops someone at the office gave me to turn into school
  • A ticket I saved from Annie's last show
  • An Rx for bloodwork
So, what's in YOUR purse?


Beth said...

My daughter just asked me yesterday why my purse is so heavy. I fear it resembles your pile plus some epi pens and an inhaler. And I probably have some rocks in mine too, even though my kids are getting older I still somehow seem to have rocks in my pockets and purse.

Amy said...

Beth, your rocks comment made me laugh. One of my MIL's favorite stories to tell was of the children of a family friend. The little boy came up crying. When asked what was wrong, he said "Vicky (the sister) hit me with her purse and she has rocks in there!" Thanks for the fun memory.

Momza said...

My wallet, checkbook, dayplanner, notepad, three pens, .56cents change rolling around, lipgloss, my phone, and keys. I carry a smaller purse because I HATE digging around for stuff. I had a bunch of receipts, but dumped those out over the weekend.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I endeavor to carry the smallest purse possible keeping in mind I can buy whatever I need if I don't have it.

In summer this is especially true.

During the school year, I have less time to clean it out, so it does get a little heavier...

NOTHING like yours though! :)

Unknown said...

Wallet, coin purse, glucose meter, extra test strips for said meter, glucose tabs, granola bar, dog treats, lipstick, pen, advil, sugar free mints, pen, mini flashlight, check book (I never write checks) handful of receipts, sunglasses, business card case, digital camera, blue tooth, keys...

Unknown said...

I'd say mine has about the same Amy. Its like the family filing cabinet with bills to pay and those already paid not filed. Lots of pens (i wonder why i dont have any at work)as i seem to carry them around, Phone, Wallet so stuffed with receipts & business cards, credit cards, coins but no notes of any value sadly. Of course its also the family dispensary so lots of pills, just in case, bandaids, lip balm, suncreen, etc. Makeup. I dont know why as i dont wear any. So i think if you are having one of those "hens nights" and intend to play the handbag game, dont invite me - id win.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I tend to bounce back and forth between a big purse that holds way too much and a wristlet that holds just the essentials. I'm in the process of going minimalist again as my purse is currently overloaded and I find myself grabbing my wristlet (which holds my phone) and presciprtion sunglasses when I head out the door.

Nancy said...

I have a small purse that I got at Disney. It has my wallet, my checkbook, 1 chapstick, my sunglasses that clip on, and some pads. Now, if you ask what is in my big tote that I take to work each day I might beat your purse!

kimybeee said...

this post cracks me up. back in late January/early February when I got my concealed carry permit I went and bought a new over the shoulder vera Bradley bag at a store here in town. as a matter of fact, I laid it away because the gun permit process would take a while.

the bag is small with a front zip that is a built in wallet. I have a book of checks, drivers, gun, sam's, insurance cards and an ink pen. the big part of the bag zips and I have nothing in there - that is where the gun would go if I carried it. we always have a gun in the vehicle, but I never feel the need to tote it. I carried it a total of one time right after my permit came. the inside of the big part has a small zip that has an extra pair of drawers (all rolled up the way they came in the package)a pad and an unmarked script bottle with exactly two tylenol, two Benadryl and probably one pill for anxiety that can be split in half. I can't swallow the Tylenol without crushing them, so they are a waste lol my daughter is allergic to peanuts and other such things so having Benadryl on me has been a long term thing. and the anxiety pill is a must - but I never carry more than two at a time. they are for emergencies only.

my purse is so light that it is a pain to actually carry lol if I have a lot of cash on me (only on payday) I will put it in my purse to keep from losing it out of my pocket. 95% of the time I put my money in my pocket and 100% of the time I carry the vehicle key in my pocket. if I take coupons to the store I have a little case I carry just for them. I never put receipts in my purse - I put them in the bag or in the seat and take them out when I get home. I never put coins in my purse either, I hold it in my hand and put it in the change thingy in the truck or car. usually if my husband drives the truck (where my purse usually is) he doesn't take my purse out. he will remember my sunglasses, but the purse stays in the back lol

back in high school I had the bag that had everything - now I prefer the simple approach.

even my work bag is a huge bag that I prefer because it zips (I never zip it though), but it has very little in it as well!

kimybeee said...

and I carry my phone in my bra lol been doing that since before it was cool - I broke my foot a very long time ago and that was the only way I could answer it if somebody called and I was home alone lol