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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 crazy things that happened in September

Holy cow! It's October 1 already. September pretty much kicked my butt. It was a good month (no one died or was arrested), but a crazy, wacky one.

1. I'm working full-time. Yes, I've already reported that. Yes, I started working full-time in August. But it was in September that the reality hit and boy, oh boy am I one tired pup.

2. In one week's time I had a mammogram (all clear!), an MRI (more on that in a minute), and a root canal (I hate dentists, but I LOVE nitrous oxide!). Seriously, I should get a medal for that.

3. As I was in the waiting room to get the root canal, my family doc called and said she had the results of my MRI and I needed to see a neurosurgeon about the pain in my neck and the numbness in my arm.
4. Six days after the root canal, the dang tooth pretty much crumbled and ended up having to be pulled anyway. Thank God for friends who are oral surgeons and for endodontists who are willing to waive your fee.  (The man is no dummy. He's seen my x-rays. He knows I'll be back.)

5. My car got a flat tire. Somehow I managed to drive over a nail in just the right way that (of course) the tire couldn't be repaired and had to be replaced.

6.  The neurosurgeon said I have a herniated disk and should have a discectomy. I opted for a round of steroids first. The symptoms (a numb arm) haven't improved much, but I'm hopeful maybe a second round might do the trick.

7. Charlie got a concussion at the ONE soccer game all season that neither Mike or I were at. And of course it was an hour away. That was 10 days ago. He's feeling better, but is still on physical and academic restrictions.

8. The day after Charlie's concussion, we got rear-ended. We were all ok, with the exception of Annie who had some mild whiplash. The other driver has Progressive insurance. They have been terrific to work with.

9. If you read #1-8 and thought that even the most sane person on Earth would have been driven to drink over all that, you would be right. I've picked up the Diet Coke habit again. Not to the extent I once drank it, but one or two a day. Being a Diet Coke brand ambassador might have had something to do with that, too.

10. I survived the in better (mental & emotional) shape than I expected. I've been investing some time in myself and in my own sanity and it is paying off. I find myself better equipped to handle unexpected occurrences and able to sidestep chaos to take a minute to take a deep breath and get a grip. That's not to say I don't lose it from time to time, but still, I'm pretty happy with myself.


Momza said...

:::::APPLAUSE:::: So glad you're still kickin'!

Beth said...

It's amazing what we put ourselves through and somehow manage to be standing at the end of the day. Hope October is injury and illness free and that the steroids do the trick on your neck/back!

Mama Melch said...

Holy overwhelming...and seriously it would drive me to drink some rum in my diet coke! October is sure to be MUCH better.

Auntie Pam said...

If it helps, I have arthritis at C5/C6 that made my right hand go numb. I had three steroid injections six years ago and haven't had the problem since.

Amy said...

Auntie Pam,

Thanks for the feedback! I think I'm going to request the steroid injections when I go back next week. Were they done in the office or did you have to have them done in radiology, so they could see what they were doing?

Auntie Pam said...

I went to a pain clinic. It was in the office, but they saw what they were doing the whole time. And yes, I did ask to be put out for it. It scared me to pieces! The doctor was brilliant, but not much in the bedside manner department. After the first two injections didn't work, he said, "I'm a pain doctor, not a tingling doctor." I'm so glad the third one was the charm. They do each one in a different side.

Auntie Pam said...

Side of the spinal cord, in case that wasn't clear.