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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I want for Mother's Day

Today my husband posted this query on Facebook:

MDideas photo WhatforMD_zpsde5dddc8.jpg

I feel really bad that he thinks his ideas never go over well. I always feel loved and appreciated on Mother's Day. I always look forward to opening the card marked "To My Wyfe," which is signed "Love Your Huzzzzzband" and includes a York Peppermint Patty. The cards from the kids, which Mike generally picks out, are spot on. 

I don't want Mike to stress out over Mother's Day -- maybe because I don't want to be required to stress out over Father's Day. So, honey, here are some things to keep in mind when you are trying to decide how to acknowledge Mother's Day.
  1. Sleep is good. Very good. Sleeping in and taking a nap later if I want to are always appreciated.
  2. Not cooking is good. This is a win-win situation. I don't have to cook and you and the kids don't have to eat what I've thrown together.
  3. We have more time than money. Spending money kind of stresses me out. Ok, it stresses me out a lot. But we do have time. I would thoroughly enjoy some kind of family activity, even if it's watching Annie's play or going to Charlie's soccer game or working in the yard or going for a walk. 
  4. I don't need more stuff. Well, I need shoes, but you're not allowed to buy those for me unless I'm with you. So please don't feel the need to buy something that requires wrapping.
  5. I will admit to being a control freak sometimes and I'm working on that. But one thing that I would love to control on Mother's Day is the television. No ugly animation. No ESPN unless it's something I want to watch. I'm envisioning Food Network and chick flicks. 
  6. Donuts. From Long's. 
  7. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Pick a room, any room, and have the kids pick it up. (Sorry kids!)
  8. A foot massage. You can tell Robbie to do it. 
I was hoping to make this a 10-item list, but I've got 8. Maybe some other folks can suggest #9 & #10. Or, as the television show said, 8 is enough.


kimybeee said...

We do nothing for holidays or birthdays. Didn't buy a single thing for Christmas this past year. Kids birthdays, nothing! Life is so much simpler and easier and most people have all the crap they want or need.

Ironically we usually end up doing something weird on holidays like shooting guns or bows or some other form of redneck entertainment.

My husband stresses greatly over this because he wants to give everybody the world. And the men he works with tells him that it isn't normal.

My kids are growing up with the same mentality. It is really funny to see them with their friends.

Hope it works out for mike lol. Technically my dad would say it isn't mikes job because you aren't his mother lol