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Saturday, December 13, 2014

I know it's just hair, but I still might cry.

I was wandering Target last night (a perfectly acceptable Friday night activity) when Annie sent me a text. It was a brief conversation:
 photo f93aba5c-8d27-408e-9a8e-e755c287bfa9_zps63a41fa7.png

It was not one of my most open-minded moments, but her hair -- her natural-grows-out-of-her-head hair -- is so pretty. Dye her hair black? My mind immediately went to a pasty-white-faced girl wearing a safety pin through her ear and black combat boots on her feet. 

Honestly, look at this senior picture Mike took of her: 

 photo 15449279089_ca9caac0d7_z2_zps3a6ac0b2.jpg

I know I'm terribly biased, but I think she is beautiful and her hair is just gorgeous. So why in the world would she want to go and dye it at all, but especially why would she want to dye it black? 

She had an answer for that:

 photo afa8152c-f4b1-4e1b-89a7-a319e5d04458_zpscce5723d.png

 photo fe8128d2-261a-4c92-aff9-d57a1aa52b89_zps96a62ee6.png

It was late, pushing 11:00pm. I didn't really have a good argument other than "because I said so." It is only hair. I was too tired to argue and figured in 6 weeks she will be 18 and technically able to make her own decisions anyway, barring "my house, my rules." And I'm trying to be less of a control freak. So I waved the white flag of surrender:

 photo 077426b6-0107-4e1c-a621-60621e558b90_zps3d696e3b.png

And because I'm still a work in progress on the whole control freak thing:

 photo d8d4ad9f-4ecd-4c0d-9332-93b69165537e_zpsd43e5618.png
A mother can hope, right?


Unknown said...

I love this. When Noah turned 13, knowing he was about to shave for swimming, he wanted blue hair.
So we dyed it. Well, first we bleached it. It was a long, awful process. I said nothing.
Kids laughed at him. I said nothing.
2 days later- he asked for an early shave. I said nothing.
I had hoped he learned from that experience...but I'm not sure :)
It's literally the only time I've not been a control freak. I'm pretty sure it's not happened since :)

Erica Saint said...

I want to see a picture. I am sure she will look beautiful with black hair. But if by some small chance, black just isn't her color, then at least it is only hair! :)

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I am a fan of Elvis Blue Black.

Beth said...

The fact that she was aware that it was a dumb teenager mistake proves she is not a dumb teenager. I hope you picked up a box of tissues before you left the store.