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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Spreading holiday cheer, uncommonly (Giveaway)

I've decided this year I want to immerse myself in holiday festivities. Christmas concerts, craft shows, lights displays -- bring it on! And then there is gift giving. I find such joy in finding just the right gift for giving to a particular person. (Wait until Mike sees what's under the tree for him!...Keep it clean, people.)

Part of that sharing that holiday joy, I've decided, is going to be sharing the opportunities I get as a blogger with you loyal people still tuning into the 4th Frog. I've been given an opportunity to share a bit about Uncommon Goods. In exchange for writing this, offered me a gift certificate. I'm going to use part of that gift certificate for YOU -- If you win this giveaway, you will be able to choose one item from the $25 and under category of Uncommon and I will have it shipped directly to you.

Now, I really do try to shop the mom and pop stores and give the small businesses my business. But I did some looking at Uncommon Goods before agreeing to write this post and saw several reasons to consider them a source for holiday shopping:
  • They are committed to treating their employees well, giving all full and most part-time employees health insurance. 
  • They seek handmade, organic, and recycled products to sell.
  • They want to help you do good by offering you a chance to designate a charity to which they will donate $1 at checkout. $1 is not a lot, but every little bit adds up -- to more than $1 MILLION so far! 
But really? You'll want to click over and shop Uncommon Goods because they have great stuff, even for those hard-to-buy-for men in your life. Do you have newlyweds on your gift-giving list? Check out this great selection of gifts for couples (young and old).

Uncommon Goods - Fbomb photo fbomb_zpspug3vlbg.jpgSo what did I find that I thought was great?

Words Cubed -- a great addition to the creative "toys" I keep at my desk for inspiration

A Hole Paperweight -- So simple, so clever, as is the F Bomb paperweight.

Handmade Copper Wall Flowers -- I have the perfect spot for them in my house.

And so much more! But you know what's ever more awesome, Uncommon Goods offers FREE stuff for everyone. There are 13 different free printables you can download.

So, if you're an online shopper, consider giving Uncommon Goods a look, not just for the holidays, but for birthdays, weddings, and more.

If you'd like a chance to win my giveaway at, please click the link, check out the $25 and under category and comment wherever you are reading this post -- on the blog or on Facebook. Let me know what from the category (or anywhere else on the UG website) you would like to see wrapped up for the holidays this year. I will draw a winner on Wednesday, November 16.


Anonymous said...

I really want this for my office!

Kim Regalado said...

The angel on my shoulder says the water bottle infuser is the best choice. The devil on my other shoulder really wants the whiskey wedge glass. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really like the balloon dog night light. I know a few kids that would love these!!!

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Cherie from the Queen of Free said...

I love the Mason Jar measuring cups!

Tricia Meyer (sunshinegirl) said...

There are a lot of really cute gift ideas there! I'm especially surprised that there are so many under $25. I would love the Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses. They are dishwasher safe!!

Cathy said...

The dog bowl water bottle! Cody is tired of trying to drink out of my small, cupped hand because, once again, I remembered the water bottle but forgot something for him to drink out of :D

punkinmama said...

The Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses look perfect! :)

FairytaleMom said...

I have no idea how to limit this to one item! Major Scales wine glasses look super fun. Banned book tote bag! But, if I only get to choose ONE thing from $25 and under, I'd wrap up the Declaration of Independence glass for my Hamilton loving girl.

Unknown said...

I love Uncommon Goods! I want the Ventana Lanterns, small & medium!

Unknown said...

The rainbow unicorn headband is at the top of my list. I nearly accosted a student this week trying to find out where she found her white fluffy hat with a gold unicorn horn. (turns out it is from Justice in stores only, not online) Poor frightened girl, I hope she recovered. But if not, I have dibs on the hat. I believe in all things glitter, rainbows, and unicorns. My land of delusion is such a happy place... Or the microwave popcorn popper would be simply the best. One should be properly nourished in delusion land.

Unknown said...

This is a fun site! I would choose the plush organs but I also like the words cubed :)