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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Parental Jeopardy

The answers:
  1. They might get scared.
  2. They might put it in gear and cause a wreck.
  3. They might get out and run into traffic.
  4. They might get abducted.
  5. They might get overheated, go into convulsions and DIE.
The question:

Why shouldn't you leave small children unattended in a car, especially on a hot summer day.

Seriously. How hard is that to understand?


Joanna said...

Apparently, for Hamilton County parents, REALLY HARD.

Deb Reale said...

I've noticed the Hamilton County issue Joanna mentioned. What is up with that? Ridiculous.

kimybeee said...

the mere thought of leaving my kid in the car and forgetting them is insane to me. the only time my little ones were left in the car when they were tiny is when i had to run in and pay for gas - i am talking seconds.

we have radio commercials running here in wv reminding people how many children die in hot cars each year and that even doctors and lawyers and judges have had children die from being left in a hot car! my question is what are these STUPID people doing that they forget THEIR CHILD. maybe if we employed the eye for an eye punishment on this one they would remind people to stop and think.

we have news stories here all the time about people going into places and leaving their kids in their cars. that is just bizarre to me...