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Monday, December 8, 2014

Where would you be?

I feel like I am losing my mind. But really, I'm just losing my stuff. I've tried the prayer to St. Anthony:

 photo StA_KeepCalm_zps355c1098.jpgTony, Tony look around.
Something's lost and can't be found.
Please help me find...

Either St. Anthony is sleeping on the job or he's trying to teach me a lesson about taking care of my things. I have cleaned out more than one closet with no luck. So now I'm here enlisting your help (and hoping that at least one person who reads my blog is psychic).

Where would you be if you were...
  • one black El Naturalista clog with cute swirly white stitching 
  • one silver Dr. Scholl flat 
  • my favorite pair of Vera Wang jammies (from Kohl's) that my husband bought me for Christmas last year
  • the security card that lets me into my office building (don't worry boss, it's been gone a while)
  • a cute little vintage-looking Santa pin that I swear was on the counter next to the refrigerator
  • 3 green mini bungee cords that are used to hang stockings with care
  • a red cardigan sweater that will go perfectly with my "Believe" bling holiday shirt
  • the "bit" part of my Fitbit Flex that somehow got separated from the charge
I'm serious, give me some ideas where these things might be. What is the strangest place you've ever found something you've lost? 


Ellen aka Ellie said...

I was just telling my teaching team that I am concerned, really, about Alzheimer's. It runs in our family, and I swear that the more the demands of my job grow (more in the past two years than the 15 before that), I just can't keep track. So I'm losing thoughts, books, memos, emails.

I also mailed a necklace to a friend in an envelope SHE addressed, and it's been lost in the mail for two weeks. Just in case, I have checked every school bag and purse I own to make sure I mailed it--even though I know I wouldn't send her an "it's in the mail" message (which I did) until I actually made it.

So, I have moments where my mind is, well, a muck.