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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Choosing to be the fourth frog

Imagine that there are four frogs sitting on a log. Three frogs make a decision to jump into the pond. How many frogs are still on the log? All four. Why? Because the three frogs did nothing more than to make a decision; no other action had yet been taken.

That's how I've been about starting this blog. I decided to blog. Then I got to overthinking about how to start it, what to call it, what to write about. And plenty of time passed and still no blog.

Finally, I decided to be the fourth frog and take action. Primarily this blog will get me in the habit of writing for pleasure more frequently. I hope, along the way, those who stop in for a visit will get some enjoyment out of it.

So -- 1-2-3 -- JUMP!


Vicki aka Diva Mom said...


Welcome to the addictive world of blogging!

Sharon said...

Yay! Another blog to read from a person I have actually met! lol

Nice. ;)

Welcome to the blog world!

Unknown said...

Both you AND Mike inflicting your writings on the WWW!!! Hope it doesn't crash the whole system!

HAHA, just kidding. Good luck with the writings on the inter-webs.