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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Craving Christmas

Craving Christmas

Although it is only November 13, I am craving Christmas.

It's not about the shopping. I actually feel slightly less obsessed with the shopping this year than I have in the past. My list is more simple and many of the gifts on it have already been purchased (or found in my "gift closet" where I put bargains I've picked up throughout the year).

I find myself searching the radio stations looking for the one that usually plays 100 days of Christmas music. Unsuccessful, I'll have to pull out the Christmas CDs and have Mike copy them to my iPod.

Colorful, cheerful gift wrap calls to me from the aisles of the stores and I remember that as a little girl I thought being the gift wrapper at Rike's would be the best job ever.

Holiday bazaars are happening, though I haven't made it to any yet. I don't even need anything, but I just love walking through the booths of handmade American Girl outfits, hand-painted Christmas ornaments, homemade soaps and candles.

Much to Stacy and Clinton's chagrin (anyone watch "What Not to Wear?"), I'm ready to pull out my Christmas sweaters and costume jewelry.

I scan the local events listings for Christmas concerts and pageants that will remind us of the true meaning of the season and wait for the flyer to come home from our church about the children's Christmas Choir.

I bought my Christmas cards the other day. Not the fanciest ones -- in fact the inside is printed with grayish ink -- but I thought the artwork on the front was beautiful. I'm contemplating whether or not to include a photo. Of course it would be of the kids only because I'm not putting my Santa-esque figure in any photo to be sent out to 100 or so of my closest friends and relatives.

Then there is the "to Christmas letter or not to Christmas letter" question. I'm leaning toward yes, simply because I plan to slip in my blog URL in an effort to garner a few more Frog Followers.

I don't mean to belittle the significance of Thanksgiving, a warm and cozy holiday itself. But that's not where my desires lie at the moment.

I don't know if it's the contrast of the cold weather against the warmth of spirit, if it's the soft glow of color coming from a Christmas tree lighting a dark room, if it's the joy of watching someone open a gift that brings them their own joy. Whatever it is, I am definitely craving Christmas.


Sharon said...

I wish we could go out and do Christmas stuff together! I'd love to see a play or hear a choir, and I could never get sick of gazing the holiday items at stores. My dh, on the other hand, not so much.
Even to this day he still does not understand the significance of ornaments. To me they are sentimental, and each ornament tells a story about our lives. I wanna smack him for being Scrooge about that! lol

I ry to view Thanksgiving as the perfect beginning to spending time w/ loved ones and appreciating them. It is followed by Christmas, but no less significant. ;)

Sorry for the long comment!

Ryan R. said...

Since my birthday falls around Thanksgiving (and sometimes even right on it, 2010 here I come!) that has always been a focus for me. You can ask Claire, but I am usually a stickler for a traditional Thanksgiving meal (sans cranberries please, yeech). Once that is done, I can look forward to Christmas whole-heartedly. I don't even like to start putting up the Christmas decorations until the weekend after Thanksgiving Day.

Kathleen said...

If you're looking for a Christmas concert, I play clarinet in the Zionsville Concert Band, and we have a Christmas concert on Sunday, December 7th, at 3 PM at Zionsville United Methodist Church. It's free and will include our group as well as some area choirs. It's quite festive, and there's usually a reception afterwards with Christmas cookies and hot apple cider! :)

I love your blog - keep up the great work!

Kathleen said...

I forgot to mention the band's website:

Annie said...

I put the tree up today! Still need to decorate it, but it's up! Why not, I say!

Amy said...

@Kathleen -- Thanks for the info! Will definitely look into it.