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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I know it was just here...

If I were to choose one word to describe my life right now, it would be "lost." Not in a wandering, soul-searching way (ok, maybe a little bit of that), but in a literal way.

This is a list of items that are currently lost:
  1. My glasses
  2. My new contact lenses
  3. Camera
  4. Note cards and directions for Charlie's timeline project
  5. The receipt for a Christmas gift I bought and now want to return.
I've sent up numerous prayers to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, to no avail. I think Tony is sending me a message -- "Get your act together, lady!"

I know the glasses and boxes of contact lenses are here somewhere. I remember seeing them in the kitchen on that black hole which is known as the "junk counter," which is conveniently located above the "junk drawer." Although my junk drawer is just a facade since the front came off the drawer about three years ago, at which time I removed the drawer and used duct tape to tape the drawer front back in place. Guess it's true, that duct tape can fix anything!

But now I've lost the direction of this post. So, recalculating...

I'm limping along with some old contact lenses and a pair of mangled glasses I've had for about five years. It's a great look, really. I'd post a picture of me wearing them, but wait...that's right, I've lost the camera, too. We had it at Halloween and maybe even later. But now it's disappeared into thin air. That's a must-find object, especially before the holidays.

Really, I know everything has to be somewhere in this house. Yet, I've been through drawers, cabinets, and laundry baskets that double as filing systems with no luck.

And let me tell you that if some of these things don't show up soon, the next thing that will be lost will be my mind.


Anonymous said...

Amy - I lost my cordless phone for 6 months... When I unpacked summer clothing viola... My cordless phone (which had been replaced) appeared... Good luck. I have a couple of Junk drawers, closets and various other places in my house.


Micah and Emily said...

The only thing I consistently lose are my writing pens. I buy two packs at the beginning of each new semester and half way through I can't find a single pen....nor do I ever find them....where do lost things go!?


meili_lo said...

this is cute =D but i do know how it is to "feel" it's somewhere, but don't exactly know where it is... well, hope u find them before you lose your mind =D

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