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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Biggest Loser: Calories, quotes and competition

Last night's Biggest Loser started with a day-long temptation: Whoever ate the most calories in a room filled with food -- some good choices, plenty of bad -- got the one and only vote of the week. However, if the vote-holder fell below the yellow line, the power would be stripped and the vote return to normal.

Koli decided to go for it and eat a lot of calories. Breakfast - hash browns, omelet, sausage, bacon, cereal, donuts = 1,545 calories for breakfast!

Michael said he didn't want to be the one to crush somebody's dream. Guess he figured gameplay is not all it's cracked up to be. But he acted like he ate a bunch to throw other folks off.

For lunch, Koli downed hot dogs, hot wings, cookies = 2064 calories.

O'Neal ate three burgers, sans bun. And he loaded his plate with french fries. But he couldn't make up his mind. Finally, he pushed the fries aside and said "I didn't want those fries. I just wanted to make the hamburger look good." It was the first of several great quotes of the night.

When Koli rolled back into the temptation room for dinner, he said "It smells like fat."

Once Koli finished off dinner, he'd eaten a total of 4,164 calories for the day and felt like crap. I kept waiting for him to throw up.

Not wanting to lose the advantage by falling below the yellow line, Koli and Sam hit the workout hard. I was laughing as Koli was punching with Sam and Sam kept yelling -- instead of "right, right, left, left" -- "hash browns, hash browns, donuts, donuts, omlettes, omlettes..."

Belching from his day of binging, Koli asked, "Can you smell that America? That's obesity. It smells disgusting." I was grateful there's no such thing as smell-a-vision.

My other favorite quotes of the night came when Bob said to Koli during the last chance workout: "That's it chicken wings, let's go."

And when he was talking to Ashley, who was feeling lost without Drea, "You're being tested and I really do believe when life tests you like this, you have the potential for greatness."

The challenge of the night was a building block challenge. It was a ridiculously hard challenge. they had to build a tower of big wood blocks, climb the tower, then climb a metal ladder suspended in the air to get their flag. The winner (Daris) got a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in. The loser (O'Neal) got a 1 pound disadvantage.

O'Neal fell descending his structure and hurt his knee. He didn't finish so in addition to a bum knee, he got the 1 pound disadvantage because he did not finish. That really didn't seem fair, but guess that's the breaks (and in the end, it didn't matter anyway).

The fall was not the end of O'Neal's trouble. He got word that his brother died of cancer. O'Neal was so upset because he didn't get to say goodbye to him. He let out his frustrations and emotions in the gym and then at the end of the workout just lost it.

The weigh-in went down like this:

Koli: -10 (3.7%)
Daris: -7 + 1 pound advantage (3.54%)
Michael: -5 (1.38%)
Ashley: -4 (1.55%)
Sam: -6 (2.38%)
Victoria: -1 (0.37%)
O'Neal: -8 + 1 pound disadvantage (2.52%)
Sunshine: -1 (0.52%)

Koli planned to use his vote to save first Sam, then O'Neal. But they both saved themselves. So who would Koli save now? Victoria or Sunshine? I had to believe that he would save Sunshine and send Victoria home. But then he said "Plan C" was do what was best for himself. That made me think he would send Sunshine home because she is a more fierce competitor. But that thinking was wrong because he sent Victoria home with an admonition to pick it up and work harder.

I feel bad for Victoria because she only got bits and pieces of the experience. She came to the ranch and left before even meeting Bob and Jillian. Then she did a lot of work at home and got voted back on to the ranch. But by then, everyone was in a rhythm and knew what to do. She was left to play catch up.

I'm happy to report that is doing great at home. She's lost a total of 118 pounds so far and her Mom has lost 77 pounds.

So, now we're down to 7 players. Please, oh please, is it time for makeover week soon? Some of those men are looking quite straggly!


Jessica McCoy said...

I too loved when Bob called Koli "chicken wings" lol! I can't believe the challenge they had to do. There is NO WAY I could have done it! I'm TERRIFIED of heights. I would have taken my 1lb happily.

I think this has been my favorite season. There has been a little game play but overall it hasn't been extremely devious.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Every blooming week I hope for makeovers! And I think Daris and Michael could increase their weight loss percentage with a haircut! Previews didn't look like it will be next week either.

Joanie said...

I've been thinking the same thing for weeks now about a makeover. Especially for Mike and Daris!!! Those 2 will lose a few pounds just by getting their hair cut! All the men need shaves too.

I was sort of glad to see Victoria go. She reminded me of a mild version of Joelle... saying she was working really hard, but that's not what I saw. I'm glad to see she's doing so well at home though!

Bob and Jillian both mentioned how Koli is so dependent on Sam, but Sam is ready to go home and do this.

I agree with Jessica.. not much game play, and everyone still seems to be helping each other.

And I thing Daris is a front runner for winning this thing, Sunshine right on his heels.

Sara said...

Thank you for posting! I love coming to your blog to read your thoughts!
I too agree this season has been the best. Limited game play and decent players. I really do think that Michael could take the whole thing. I mean he was the biggest player and dang is he looking tons better. I also think that Sam is beyond needing the ranch, yes he has a little fat at the waist but he is pure muscle every where else ya know?
I can't wait for make over week. I am guessing 2 weeks from now will be the week.
Thank you again for posting!!

Jenny McB said...

It's funny to see that we all agree on the make over, Daris and Michael will look great after they get their hair cut.
Once we saw Victoria's weight loss last night, it just seemed like a sure thing that she would be eliminated.
Bet they won't do the tower competition again!

Marine Wife said...

Daris has got to get rid of that Richard Simmons afro!

And Michael...I don't know which looks worse: when he lets it go wild or when he oils it down for weigh-ins!

Old Woman said...

mike's fro is has go to go!!!!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Come on makeover!!!

Joanne said...

Can't add more except - MAKE-OVERS!!! I have wanted to see Daris made over since day 1. He is going to be a hottie.