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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Biggest Loser: Humor & Inspiration

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This was one of the best episodes in a long time. It was inspiring and funny. The gang headed to Texas, home to the five fattest cities in the U.S.

The contestants hit radio shows around the state and got people to join them at the Cotton Bowl for a 5K. It was the most inspiring thing I've seen on this series in a long time. Hearing the contestants encouraging other people was really uplifting. (And made me regret the peanut butter fudge I ate earlier.) More on that inspiration a minute, but did anyone else think that
Sunshine running with her long hair under a baseball hat and wearing a yellow shirt looked like Forest Gump?

The challenge of the week was what I'll call a Texas rodeo challenge. Each contestant had to herd cattle into their pen. The reward? Immunity.

O'Neal and Sunshine worked to get calves in O'Neals pen. Sam played for Koli, who ultimately won the immunity. But the most hysterical part of this challenge was Mike trying to sweet talk the calves into submission.

Jillian met up with Abby from Season 8 at a Texas high school. Abby brought Jillian in to motivate the kids. The Q&A in the high school gym was awkward when a very big girl stood up and put herself out there. Jillian talked with her privately after the assembly and encouraged her to make a change. I hope Jillian stays in touch with her.

At the weigh in, Sunshine and O'Neal both fell below the yellow line and, predictably, O'Neal asked to be sent home. Everyone complied with his request and he was voted off. Quite frankly, I'm glad. I was getting tired of Sunshine's teariness and anxiety. Now that she doesn't have to feel responsible for her dad, maybe some of that will go away.

But back to that inspiration. Here is a collection of inspirational things that were said during tonight's episode, most of them during the 5K, many of them from Biggest Loser contestants to the folks who turned out to change their own lives.

Take the small step. Do something. You have to start somewhere. Do a little bit more than you think you can. Go to a different place. Dig deep. Don't leave anyone behind. It's the little things that make the biggest difference. You have to want it. No one can give it to you. Get better everyday. Keep pushing yourself. Your body catches up and then your mind catches up. Little by little you gain confidence. You get such a great feeling from the weight loss and releasing so much crap in your head. It's a lifetime change that's gonna be with me for a lifetime. I've never done that before -- it's great! Maybe I'm not done. Maybe I can get past this and go a little further. I made a difference and I'm thankful. Don't let anybody tell you what you can and can't do. I want to be different. Happiness comes with the achievement of little goals. You have everything that it takes to achieve anything you want. Don't let the little stupid stuff bog you down. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Oh, praise the Lord and pass the potatoes (or the Extra sugar-free gum), next week is MAKEOVER WEEK!


Joanie said...

You know, I really do like the contestants this year. Interesting that the ones who are still here are the ones who are the most sincere. Sure, there's a little bit of game play here and there, but the meanness is absent.

I'm finally starting to like Mike. I honestly thought he was a big Mama's boy... the prince of his family. He's finally becoming a man.

One thing I really liked is how Mike, Daris and Ashley formed their own team to secretly work out together, running the stairs in the hotel. Did you see the startled look on Koli's face when one of them (Mike, maybe?) mentioned it at the weigh-in?

And yes, FINALLY! Make-over Week!!! Shaves! Haircuts! New outfits!!

And shouldn't that saying be "Praise the Lord and pass ON the potatoes?" hahaha

Jessica McCoy said...

I loved this episode too! Especially since it was in TX of course. I so wish I would have known they were here and been able to do the 5K. Dallas is only about an hour away but I guess they were on the Dallas radio stations... bummer!

Watching them heard those cows was great & hilarious!

Momza said...

I love the inspirational quotes you posted.
I'm going to print them off, if that's okay.

Amy said...

@Momza -- I hoped that people would do exactly that!

Sharon said...

Maybe I'm not done. Maybe I can get past this and go a little further.

Wow, that really applies to so much in life, beyond exercise.
This quote rocks my world today, even though it does entail a bit of guilt. ;)

I sort of called it quits the last week & a half, not eating well, barely exercising. This quote yells at me. I'll do my best to listen.

Thank you, Amy.

Michelle said...

Hated the Walgreen's product placement. It was just annoying. However I liked the overall positive message of the episode!
Thanks for the block of inspirations- I printed it out to put on the fridge.

Marine Wife said...

Daris is starting to come out of his shell. I think he might be my new favorite.

Jenny McB said...

Yea for the makeover for Mike and Daris!!!
I truly felt bad for Ashley that she was unable to enjoy her weight loss due to Sunshine's tears. But overall, I do like how this group is playing. I think it really hurts them when someone has to leave. Nice to see the game played this way.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Amen and amen! Again and again!