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Monday, April 12, 2010

The power of NO

I am not very good at NO. I'm a first born, which means that generally I'm a people pleaser. I want people to like me. And people like other people who do things for them. So I find myself saying "yes" sometimes even when I am thinking -- when my insides are shouting -- "NO!"

Sometimes I do manage to muster a negative response to a question or request. But even then, I'm often wishy washy about it, feeling guilty for not being agreeable. My kids have figured this out about me and very seldom take the first no as the final answer.

My inability to say no is quite often linked to my horoscopic Leo tendencies. You know, we Leos love to be the center of attention. Which is quite possibly why I'm drawn to blogging and which is definitely how I got myself into my latest predicament.

Someone at work asked me to be the emcee for the "friend-raiser" of a non-profit organization she works with. There was a part of me that was inclined to decline. But you know what happened. The part of me that can't say no teamed up with the part that loves the spotlight and darn it all if, "Sure I'd love to," didn't flow out of my fingertips and hit send before I could come to my senses.

So last night, I was tossing and turning, going over witty and appropriate things to say into the microphone. I'm still not sure I've come up with anything, but today but my thoughts are focused on what the heck I'm going to wear. And of course, there's the haircut I need to look presentable. I haven't even started stressing about how much I hate the sound of my own voice. I'll leave that until just before the dinner.

If I'd only said no, I would be better rested, unconcerned with my wardrobe and $45 richer. But I would still hate the sound of my voice.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh Amy! I hear ya (as I have many of the same issues and tendencies) but I bet you'll be and do just fine! You're cute and funny and very bright! It'll all work out!

Momza said...

You will do great, Amy.
You always do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne said...

Ahh the power of NO - still working on that one myself.

You will do great - think of it like your blog -- you are witty, fun and wonderful!!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

You are going to do GREAT! Don't worry about how you look, your hair, your voice and all that jazz. The thing that sells you- is YOU! You are honest, open, genuine, funny. Let that shine through and you will have a great night!

kimybeee said...

You are copying me again! And I have figured out this week that two of the five blogs i read daily are written by Leos (me August 10). I don't know about the other three, but I may need to research it now just to see how it goes.

As your kids get older and realize you don't say no - their teachers and friends will just start volunteering you for things too because they know you will do it. I walked into an officer's meeting at school on Monday (before my daughter, one of the officers even got there) and was told that my daughter (meaning me and her) were in charge of decorations for the end of year banquet. Two seconds later I was volunteered by the teacher/advisor to take all the officer pics too.

So instead of worrying about your (our) inabilty to say no, just embrace the fact that people know they can count on us to do a good job and be dependable. It sure beats being a debbie downer - lol!

Cat said...

I'm terrible at no too! I always think I have to have an excuse. Fellow oldest child right here...