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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cry for me, Argentina

Earlier this week, I wrote about the death of Will Koch, the CEO of Holiday World. The morning after his death, Will's mother Pat, who herself is a prominent fixture at the amusement park, was greeting guests at the guest of the park as she does every other day. Several news articles and Facebook updates encouraged people to have fun in tribute to Will, indicating he wouldn't want people standing around being sad.

I thought this would be a time to let my family and friends know that when it's my time to go, I hope you'll gather in groups and cry. No disrespect to Will Koch, but I'd like there to be a run on Kleenex when I die.

Maybe it's the Leo in me that craves the attention. Maybe it's the approval-seeking first born in me that wants to know that I mattered enough to people that news of my demise would leave them breathless and teary-eyed.

So, yes, please do cry for me Argentina -- and Indiana and Ohio. Commence with the wailing and the "I can't believe its."

Now, don't go carrying on for months on end. I kind of like the idea of a week-long shiva. Seven days of grief and mourning. Certainly, in that time I would hope that some slivers of sunlight and laughter peek through -- stories of silliness and laughter, generosity and caring that I brought to someone's life.

But when I'm gone (and for the record, I don't intend to go anywhere anytime soon), go ahead and have a big ol' cry. I'm not much of a crier myself, but hopefully my family and friends can do for me what I don't do for myself. So please, cry. Sob. Blubber. Boohoo. Weep.

And when you do, I'll be looking down from heaven (I hope!), smiling.


Momza said...

I'm with Will's mom...have a laugh on me! If I've loved you in this life, then know I will love you forever and I'll see you on the other side!
Sure shed a tear, maybe two, but then get on with it! LOL
I'll bet there was more than a few tears at the gate for Will's mom...a perfect tribute to a beloved son.
Sounds like a classy lady.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Momza- you would love Pat Koch. She's an amazing woman who comes from and is the matriarch of an amazing family.

I got to see some videos of interviews with Pat and with Marketing guru Paula Werne- definite sadness but such joy from people who were so blessed to have known Mr. Koch!

When I go... I hope I've lived my life in such a way that what I've done lives on... and while I assume that there will be sadness, I would hope that my family and friends could lift each other up and find joy in celebrating who I was and what I left behind.

But some weeping and wailing wouldn't hurt...

Beth Zimmerman said...

Okay Amy,
That's my kind of pre-planning! :)And you pre-decease me, which I doubt, I promise to wail mournfully and encourage others to do likewise!

Beth Zimmerman said...

sorry ... IF you pre-decease me ... that wasn't supposed to be an order!

Rebecca Jo said...

Heck - I'd be happy if anyone just CARED that I died! :)

kimybeee said...

Not me! I have given strict orders that my a// is to be tossed in a box and taken straight to the cemetary. My obit should read - "She's dead - get over it" - that is all I ask for.

But, if you predecease me, I will properly mourn for you as asked!

varangianguard said...

Shivah, Amy. I thought you were talking about some kind of Hindi end of the world scenario. lol

What you need to do is to pre-hire a group of women who will wail and tear their sleeves upon your demise. Might have to import them, though. ;)