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Monday, June 7, 2010

Not your typical blue hair

Yesterday, Mike turned 39. All day long he made a point of saying to anyone who called to wish him a happy birthday, "I can' t believe I'm 39, but Amy will be 40 in August!"

Yep. In just about 10 weeks, I'll enter a new decade of my life. I've been giving some thought as to how I'd like to mark the occasion. Back in February (when I was still feeling Go Red invincible), I talked about doing a triathalon. Calmer heads -- and too much chips and salsa -- have prevailed and that is not going to happen.

Then I went back to my idea about getting a tattoo. But I don't really know what I would have tattooed on my body. I could do the frog from my blog header, but what if blogging turns out to be like macrame? All the rage for a while until nobody's doing it anymore and one day I look down at my hip and wonder why there's an amphibian on it.

But there is something that I've been saying since before I was 30 that I'm going to do when I turn 40. I was reminded of it when Annie was talking about Katy Perry at the MTV Music Awards yesterday:


Katy's do was courtesy of a wig. But ever since I saw a gorgeous shade of blue in the haircolor swatch book about 12 years ago, I've said that I want to dye my hair bright blue for my 40th birthday. My hair stylist at the time would have none of it. A months ago I talked to my current stylist who tried to tell me how hard it would be.

"We'd have to bleach your hair first and then do the blue," she said, not acting the least bit interested in doing so.

For her part, Annie is mortified at the idea. But I am intrigued.

I think it would be a great little satirical jab at getting older -- you know, becoming a "blue hair." Of course, I'd have to get a very sassy short haircut to carry off the blue. (My sisters are reaching for their cell phones and computers to talk me out of it as I type.)

I'm sure there are other ways to celebrate milestone birthdays, but this one really appeals to me. And it would happen to coincide with the start of the Indianapolis Colts season, so it would be a two-for-one deal. But I am open to other suggestions.

I have until late August to decide...and to find a stylist who will do it for me.


Eternal Lizdom said...

Personally.... I LOVE IT!!!

One of the kids I know at church recently found a semi-perm blue hair color but I can't recall the name of it. Maybe you could play around with it to see what you think?

Maybe do it as a fundraiser for something important to you? Ask people to pledge and if you raise a certain amount, you go blue!

Stephanie said...

DO IT! I know of a perfect lady who could do it for you too. She is in Fountain Square and not scared the least bit of doing some crazy colors. I think you could totally rock it, and if you do not have desire to go with a full head, you could do a couple streaks.

Michelle@Gotchababy said...

That is for sure one of the more unique ideas I've heard for turning 40 (bgKahuna turns the big 40 in November)...I say go for it--you only go over the hill once!

Anonymous said...

Ladies, please don't encourage her! My fingers couldn't type fast enough DON'T DO least not permanently. I say if you want ring in your "blue hair" years...then follow Katy Perry's lead and do it with a wig! Or if you want to be really fabulous - try extensions!

But please stay away from the blue hair dye and scissors. You look fabulous the way you are...I'd say your slim figure is a pretty darn good way to say hello to the big 4-0!

Unknown said...

Well I do agree that you have a good thing going on already. However,I have had some freakishly odd intuitions in my life and here again one is staring me in the face. I won't go into the details but I saw a woman sporting another primary color and pulling it off well today. How in the world do I have blue hair on my mind for a good part of the day and you blog about it? A dualist would say streak it. My salonist Hilery usually has some bright pink going on. White Orchid salon (behind Mama Corollas)

Momza said...

Just take pictures. Lots of 'em.

Anonymous said...

You could do some awesome bright red chunky sections - as in the red hat ladies. But anything that you do to totally morify Annie will be perfect!

varangianguard said...

I guess that would give new meaning to the phrase "old lady with blue hair".

Still, I shouldn't laugh. In my case, I could pretty much skip the "bleaching your hair first" stage.


Shelley said...

Oh, Amers, you crack me up. No wonder I love you.

How about a mani-pedi with an awesome shade of blue polish? I mean, I get the whole blue hair thing and I think it's a hoot, but eeeeek!!

Or go for a wig, like Katy's. I love the blue hair idea. In a wig. :)

Niki said...

Go for it! My hair is naturally dark brown and I have had it pink, purple, and combinations of both. It's only hair and it's Funnn!!!! Manic Panic makes some awesome colors and they are semi-perm so if you don't like the color, you aren't stuck with it for tooooo long... Just a few weeks. Prob is if you DO like it, you have to have it redone every 3 - 4 weeks...

Beth Zimmerman said...

Mine periodically goes purple. Technically it is burgundy but when the light hits it just right ... purple! I say go for it if you want! :)

Indianapolis Amy said...

Funny post. I remember in high school/college (way back when) people used temporary "punky colors" to dye their hair pink, blue, purple, green... I believe it comes in a can and is temporary.
I think they have a web site. Also- some of the beauty places like beauty first sells those hair clips (pink, purple, sometimes blue) and you could always get one and clip it in to do a test run!