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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Creative surfing

We've been without access to the internet from home since Thursday, which has required me to do some creative finagling to get online. (If you're about to suggest that I could have gone on a multi-day internet fast, you obviously don't know me well.)

Thursday evening, I was offline. That was ok because we were busy with the high school open house and all. Friday morning, I met my friend Beth for breakfast and some wifi at Panera. Then I went into the office where the internet was flowing just fine. On Friday night while Charlie was at football practice, I snagged a drink and wifi at Dunkin' Donuts -- where I did NOT eat a donut, aren't you so proud of me?!

Yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary. So Mike and I took a long walk with the dog, then stole away to Panera. Two nerds with their laptops, enjoying that "we don't have to talk all the time" silence while soaking up the world wide waves over breakfast power sandwiches. For dinner last night, we took the family to McAlister's where they have a great selection of food, sweet tea (though I just ordered water) and, you guessed it, free wifi.

At about 3am last night, I was searching for some wifi to hop on to in my neighborhood, but those smart neighbors of mine all have their networks secure -- as do we). Which meant I was sorting laundry until 4am.

After church, I treated Robbie to hotcakes at McD's and myself to a Diet Coke and (say it with me...) free wifi. And now, mostly because Charlie was starving after his football game, I'm sitting at Panera -- a different one, getting my last hit until I can get to the office in the morning. I'm sure my boss will wonder what I'm doing there at 5am.

All in all, this dang snafu has cost me probably $65 and hundreds (thousands?) of calories. At least I've learned one thing about myself for sure -- I cannot live off the grid.


Nate's Mom said...

Love it! Sadly, I can SO relate. McDonalds of all places, has become a a favorite place to work, free wifi and free refills (of Diet Coke). Hope you are wired at home soon!

Sheri in CA

Joanie said...

There have been times when I uh, neglected to pay my cable bill and had no internet. I ate a lot of breakfasts at Burger King to get online before work.

Now I have a netbook and unless I don't pay my cell phone AND my cable, I'm golden!

Kathryn said...

When my computer broke down and I couldn't afford a new one for eight months, I went to the public library.
Our library has a good computer lab that is open to anyone in the community. It worked out well, but it was hard to work the time into my schedule.

Janet said...

Do you have a Panera card :-)