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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's to do list of a messy perfectionist

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but not the must have everything clean and organized type of perfectionist (much to the disappointment of my husband). I'm the kind of perfectionist who always wants things to be just right, even though actually making things just right seems elusive.

I was trying to think of a description for that and came up with "messy perfectionist."  It turns out I'm not the first one to come up with the concept. Google it -- better yet, search it on Swagbucks. Anyway, if you're a messy perfectionist like me (and apparently a lot of other people), the start of a new year can be pretty overwhelming. There is just so much I could and should be doing. So the New Year's to do list of a messy perfectionist might look like this:
  1. Eat less.
  2. Sleep more (I write at 11:30pm).
  3. Go to the gym 5 days a week.
  4. Cook more often (frozen pizza does not count).
  5. Start FLYing with the FLY Lady.
  6. Establish before school/after school/weekend chore routines.
  7. Clip -- and use -- more coupons.
  8. Clean out closets.
  9. Organize the kitchen cabinets. 
  10. Pack lunch more often.
  11. Watch less TV.
  12. Spend less money.
  13. Facebook less often.
  14. Pray more. 
  15. Volunteer.
  16. Floss.
If I really thought about it, I could make this list go on and on and on... Is it any wonder I have found myself having to take deep, calming breaths over the past few days?

So I'm trying to just make a few small changes. I won't call them resolutions because if I have trouble following through, I don't want to think I've failed. Rather, I'm more about giving it a good try. I will try to drink Diet Coke only in the morning (as my "coffee). I will try not to eat sweets, except maybe one treat once per week. Trust me, if I could do that it would be a heee-uuuuge victory.

I'm not trying to rid myself of those messy perfectionistic tendency. I'm just trying to live with them.


Sandra said...

Small changes?...I think using Facebook less often could possibly require a rehabilitation program. I think I would need baby 'bout I cut down from checking my FB 28 times a day to 20? do make some valid points, and I have labelled myself officially a messy perfectionist.

kimybeee said...

i agree with you on most of those points! as for the computer thing, i was spending just about all evening on the computer on facebook and farmville. over the break, i kinda made an unconscious decision to stop being on the computer so much. i have been spending more time in the family room instead of being holed up in my room. of course the other three members of my family are complaining, they want me holed up in my room instead of in their space!

i also reduced my pepsi consumptions waaaayyyy back in november after a trip to the dentist. i found an alternative (walmart brand similar to crystal light grape drink mix. just ten calories a 16oz drink and no sugar). i now drink about 1 pepsi a day and i have actually lost some weight - enough that my jeans are falling off of me, literally, by bedtime.

i am pretty good about cleaning out and keeping organized the house - but i am not a good housekeeper at all. i am a straightener, i don't like to dust or mop!!!

i don't believe in resolutions - they are unrealistic. why set a date to do something if you haven't been able to implement it any other time of year!

don't feel pressured to avoid those desserts, just eat smaller portions. just take on the things that are easy to slide into your daily life. and ENJOY every day!!! put a smile on your face and it makes those around you smile too!!!

happy new year and sorry for the rambling - i must go to bed at a decent hour for me!!

Sharon said...

If I made a list, it'd be almost identical to yours.
I feel I'm a perfectionist, but that being one actually stops me from getting things done. It's that if I can't get it ALL done TO perfection at once, I get flustered & it feels not even worth it to begin. All or nothing, I suppose.
But that part about myself, it had me getting discouraged w/ Flylady. The massive amounts of e-mails, etc, and I felt flustered & overwhelmed. I do know her stuff is good, but for me I do better w/ the Motivated Moms planner. Have you ever checked that one out?

Joanie said...

I think this is part of the reason why I'm no longer married. I am a clutterer. My ex thought he was a neat-nick. He didn't leave clothes lying around, but would yell at the kids for not putting their glasses and dishes in the dishwasher, but it was OK for him to leave the empty coffee cup on the counter or the sink. He still does this. If he comes to the house to see the kids 9which is rare these days), he will leave his take out coffEe cup on the counter RIGHT BESIDE THE TRASH CAN!)

I did Flylady for a while. I probably should try to get back to that.

I'm trying to get back on Nutrisystem. I need to get to the grocery store to get the proper foods to accompany the NS foods, and funds are a bit low right now.

Megan said...

LOVE this list-as if I wrote it myself :)