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Sunday, January 23, 2011



The big achievements in life are great, but they really come once in a great while. The past few days, I've been trying to notice the little things that I can always count on to make me smile.

Smile-worthy things in my life
  1. The first sip of Diet Coke in the morning
  2. A Netflix movie arriving in the mail
  3. An e-mail that lets me know someone commented on my blog
  4. A bingo in Scrabble on Facebook
  5. Putting on my pajamas
  6. Finding money in the pocket of a pair of pants I just put on
  7. Graham crackers with peanut butter dunked in milk
  8. Finding matching socks in the sock basket
  9.  Putting my head on my favorite pillow
  10. An unsolicited hug or kiss from one of my kids
What's smile-worthy in your life?


CWMartin said...

My beagle, Scrappy.

Joanie said...

my daily text message from John telling me "Good morning! I love you!"

Sharon said...

My new XL heating pad. My back loves it.
My 6yo telling me that he will change the baby's diaper. :) (still no name for sure)

My 3yo asking me if he's eaten enough yet to be as big as his big brother.

Good post. :)

Rachel said...

Change #1 to Mountain Dew and our lists would be pretty similiar :) And #7 would be both of my boys - the grown one and the little one!

Thanks for the sweet reminder of gratefulness today!

Jessica McCoy said...

Getting a package in the mail that I forgot I even ordered.