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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roots and wings

There's a saying that you've probably seen on some cheesy wooden plaque at Cracker Barrel that goes, "Our parents give us two things. The first is roots, the other wings." I'm having a roots and wings kind of moment today. Except that I'm feeling one different sentiment for two different people.

Today is February 13. The date upon which Annie and Robbie made their entrances into the world -- in 1997 and 2003, respectively. So today they are turning 14 and 8 and I am left completely believing the cliche that they grow up so fast.

Bday kids

It's for Annie that I'm feeling the exhilaration of wings.

I am just marveling at the person she is becoming. She has found her niche in art and theater. She's off to high school in the fall. She cares for other people's children -- and her brothers -- so well that I sometimes forget she is really still a young girl herself. She is far more confident in herself than I was at her age. She's also stubborn and mouthy at times; I mean she IS a teenage girl. I find myself wanting give her space to enjoy this time in her life, to stretch her wings and figure out where it is she wants to fly and how it feels to do that.

Then there's Robbie. He has me clinging to roots.

Before we had a "baby of the family," I always thought it was ridiculous that parents seemed to treat the youngest of the bunch with so much ease and tolerance. But now I find myself fighting an internal struggle to stay firm and keep my expectations high. Annie and Charlie will tell you that I'm failing. I can't help it. He IS my baby. I secretly love that he climbs in bed with us in the middle of the night. I melt when he comes to me and asks if I will cuddle with him on the couch in front of a movie. So he doesn't tie his own shoes or ride a two-wheeler, yet. That means that he still needs me.

Yes, I am proud of the roots that we've helped Annie dig deep into the soil of who she is. And I do find joy in the wings of independence that Robbie is testing little by little. But mostly, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here for the ride.


Michelle@gotchababy said...

Oh I hope they both have a great birthday! I already feel all mushy about the Fox in a way that is so different than my mushy for MaM. I think partially because he's the baby, and partially it's the mother/son thing which i didn't understand til I had a son. *Sigh*. Enjoy the day!

Momza said...

Happy BirthdayS to your babies!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

What a precious post! Happy Birthday to BOTH of your kiddos! :)

Nate's Mom said...

I love this post. I know those feelings well. And you really don't get it until you have a "baby." So, tell me, did 8 hit you like a brick? My baby turned 8 in December, and it was an emotional one for me. I think I blogged about it, lol, on his blog:

Sheri in CA

Eternal Lizdom said...

I love this post, Amy. Best of all, I'm reading it while listening to the "Family Man" video you posted for Valentine's Day.