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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have never

  1. tasted Nutella
  2. smoked pot or done any other illegal drug
  3. gotten a speeding ticket
  4. earned lower than C+ for a class (and that was once in my final semester of college)
  5. been west of Colorado
  6. taken a spin class
  7. tried escargot
  8. turned down a game of Scrabble
  9. been accused of being organized
  10. seen Rocky Horror Picture Show
  11. gone skiing, water or snow
  12. wanted a reptile for a pet
  13. gotten a tattoo (though I've considered it)
  14. played softball
  15. regretted having children

What have you never done?


    Eternal Lizdom said...

    The only ones we have in common are 6 and 12 and 13. Ha!

    Cynthia @ 4 Kids Books and Toys said...

    Well, we have one thing in common. But it's a big thing.

    Mike Magan said...

    READERS OF 4THFROG BLOG: YOU CAN THANK ME FOR #13 your favorite blogger would be all tatted up with ladybugs and greek letters if it wasn't for me!

    Erica Saint said...

    I love the list and what a great picture of your children. Nutella is super yummy!

    CWMartin said...

    Well, we match on 1, 5,6, and 7 (and 5 could be changed to "west of Comiskey Park"), 9, 10, and 11 (9 depends upon your personal definition of organized), and 13. As for what I haven't done, it would be a long list and I'd have to really work on it to keep it from becoming a bucket list. How about: I've never seen a Halloween or Harry Potter movie; I've never (yet) went 41-for-41 on Jeopardy,; I've never met in person a celebrity at any level that didn't get me excited; never spent a major portion of any tooth-brushing going up-and-down like your supposed to; I've never tried Dr Pepper since that first sip that I spit back out about 40 years ago; annnnd, I've never yet broken a bone.

    Stacy said...

    I've done quite a few of the things on your list. :/ Thanks for mentioning Nutella! It reminded me I bought a jar a couple of weeks ago to try.

    Sharon said...

    I feel like I want to call BLUFF!! But it seems you're being honest. There are several of this list I can't claim as true, though never wanting a reptile-pet is DEFINITELY true. Yuck.

    Impressive on the grades, Amy.
    I don't know that we could ever play "never have I ever" (drinking game) together...not that we could/would, but I'd lose. ;)

    Amy said...

    Honest, Sharon. I promise. I really have lived a good-two-shoes type life.

    Amy said...

    I swear you and I are from the same basic mold! Let's see...We have 1, 2, 3 (by a hair), 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 (even with the caveat), and 15 (although that is close, HAS been a week of snowdays...)

    I just noticed the Indiana's Favorite do you earn that one?! :)