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Monday, June 6, 2011

40 20 wishes for his birthday

Today is Mike's birthday. His 40th birthday to be exact. I gave him his gift over the weekend. I wished him a happy day on Facebook. We're going out to dinner tonight. But I still felt compelled to offer my celebratory salutations here on the blog, too. So, I've decided to list 40 wishes for my husband's birthday:
  1. I wish he would replace the toilet paper on the roll.
  2. I wish he would scrub the dishes before he puts them in the dishwasher.
  3. I wish he would permanently forget the password to his eBay bidder account.
Oh wait...that's not quite what I was going for.  I'll finish that list for MY birthday. Let me try this again.

To my huzzzband:
  1. I wish you a big bubble in your pizza crust, just like you like it.
  2. I wish you sunglasses that don't have finger smudges on the lenses.
  3. I wish you 3 stars on every board of Angry Birds. (I know you've already got that, but this will cover you for future releases.)
  4. I wish you moments in every day that release your big laughter.
  5. I wish you Diet Mountain Dew available in every restaurant you go to.
  6. I wish you a dedicated Star Wars channel on cable TV.
  7. I wish that someday you will get to ride in the General Lee.
  8. I wish you good health.
  9. I wish you summers with air conditioning.
  10. I wish you winters with heat.
  11. I wish you a trip to see the last Space Shuttle launch.
  12. I wish you a trip to see a Cubs game at night. (Oh yeah, wish granted.)
  13. I wish you Geno's East Pizza.  
  14. I wish you uninterrupted sleep for at least one night. 
  15. I wish you the return of the loyalty you show others. 
  16. I wish you the forgiveness you so easily give.
  17. I wish you success in your profession.
  18. I wish you peace in your heart.
  19. I wish you happy memories of your mom.
  20. I wish you serenity.
Sorry honey. 40 is a very big number and I'm running out of things to wish for you, unless I go back to my original line of thinking. Let me just say:


I wish you a very happy "Bee"-day!


Mike Magan said...

This is awesome - I will cherish this list forever! My wish for the love of my life was granted when I met you waaay back in 1989.

Beth Zimmerman said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Mike!

Anonymous said...

Reading this list while listening to I won't let go is a recipe for tears.

Anonymous said...

Reading this list while listening to I won't let go is a recipe for tears.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

You are taking him to Taco Bell for dinner then, right? Diet Mountain Dew on tap!

Happy day to your young husband!

Jessica McCoy said...

Happy Birthday Mike!! Awesome list!

Unknown said...

Very cute! Happy Birthday Mike! I've been in them for nine years now, and I can honestly say that your 40s are interesting years. Make them great ones!

Nate's Mom said...

What a lovely post. Happy Birthday Mike! May the 40s be your best decade yet!
Sheri in CA

Joanie said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

I wish you many more years with that terrific lady you married!

Claudya Martinez said...

Happy Birthday Mike! I wish that you get to make the 20 wishes that your wife didn't get to and that they all come true.

Gay Wakefield said...

Of course, this post is marvelous ... but it was Mike's response that brought me to tears. I just love that guy 'cause he just loves you!

CWMartin said...

Happy birthday, dude! Your return wish was very well put.

Eileen said...

Best wishes from the Dennies too!

Rachel said...

Happiest belated birthday!

And I'm cracking up at the Angry Birds part...

Mrs4444 said...

What an awesome idea. I might steal this for Father's Day.

Beth said...

What a lovely list of wishes. I hope he had a great day.

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Unknown said...

This is sooo cute. I love those birthday wishes of yours. Very nice and fun, keep it up :)
Have a great day!
Marilyn @