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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tune in

Just a little more than 30 minutes until my "national" (ha ha!) radio debut on "Living the Dream Mom" radio. I'm the first guest up. The show is broadcast at 10am ET, so set those alarms, grab a Diet Coke (or coffee if you must) and listen in. Better yet, call in! 1-877-864-4869

OOPS -- a link to listen might be helpful. Here you go: Living the Dream Mom Radio.


Nancy said...

I remembered to tune in! You did a great job and inspired me to make sure that I write on my blog. I liked that you said to just do it. I struggle with worrying about it not being good enough, but since it is just for me to have an outlet, I only need to worry about it being good enough for me! Thanks Amy!

Anonymous said...

I caught the 2nd half of your interview. The one where they called you back b/c another guest didn't show up. I recognized your voice immediately from the videos I've watched of you. Agreed w/ Nancy...good job. :)