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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion statement

You might not have heard this from Stacy London or Clinton Kelly on "What Not to Wear." I don't know if this has ever been said on "Project Runway." Calvin Klein may not agree with me, but I have a fashion statement to make.

(I'll wait for you to get paper and pen so you can write this down.)


Ok. Here it is.


Yep. That's what I said -- lime green is the new neutral. It goes with virtually everything. Case in point, my new shoes:


Besides the fact that these shoes are too cute with their little swirly design,  they make great fashion sense because they go with everything. 

Lime green and black? Yep.
Lime green and purple? Of course.
Lime green and brown? Works for the kiwi.
Lime green and orange? So fun.
Lime green and blue? Sure. 
Lime green and pink? Love it.
Lime green and red? Daring, but go for it.  

I really think I'm on to something. So when you see it in the magazines or maybe even on QVC, remember you saw it here first.

PS -- Because so many have asked, the brand is El Natura Lista. Please don't tell Mike they make men's shoes. He has too many shoes as it is.


Traci Marie Wolf said...

Great case! Although I'm having a hard time agreeing you may be right. Those are really cute shoes BTW

Nancy said...

I love them!! And it is a daring choice, much better than the boring brown!

Cat Banguis said...

Those are super cute. And what brand would those "walking all over Manhattan in total comfort" shoes be?

Amy said...

Oh Traci, live a little. I'm so right about this one! ;)

Nancy -- They do make a boring brown. And black (which I did buy, too) and red and I think a couple of shades of blue.

Cat -- I updated the post to include the brand, but they are El Natura Lista. Not the cheapest shoes ever ($120/pr), but honestly, so comfortably and versatile and worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

Bought a lime green shirt at Old Navy and I love it. I should snap a photo of me in it. :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

LOVE. THOSE. SHOES! I want!!! Soooo not in my budget though!