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Friday, October 28, 2011

So it seemed like a good idea at the time

Mike and I are going to a fundraiser tonight that is black tie optional, tennis shoes required. So when I was getting my hair cut last night, I got a crazy idea to put one of those new-dangled feathers in my hair.

They didn't have a hot pink one, which is what I wanted, but they did have light pink. I figured that would be good.

Then I had the choice of clip in or the more semi-permanent bead-set. I decided if I was going to do this, I was going for the "rill dill." I had a feeling Annie would freak, but I thought one tiny feather was better than turning my whole head blue -- which I still think about doing.


She didn't exactly freak, but she did say "What did you do to your hair and why?," followed by "You're over 40, you know. Not some teenager."

She also said "It looks like a leopard and a bird mated."

Last night, I didn't care. It felt like an impulsive, carefree and fun idea.

This morning, my feather feels a little silly and -- don't tell Annie -- young for me. It actually kind of looks like a leobird is burrowing under my hair and into my brain. I guess I'll keep it through the gala tonight and probably through the weekend, then we'll see.

Maybe if I cut it so it's not quite so long, I would like it better. Maybe as my hair grows, it will be a bit more subtle. Maybe I'll just go blue after all.


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Is it mean to share that I'm not a fan? It's too 80s for me...but I'm an old coot, so what do I know?

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Please never let any one dictate your style unless they are paying for a shopping spree. Over 40 over shhmorty. big deal. There is no rule saying what age the feathers are for. Check out these women, so inspirational.

Unknown said...

My hairdresser tried to intice me with one of those, but I was getting ready to go to my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party, and my comment was, "but I'm the good child! I can't show up like Yankee Doodle Dandy!" If your gala is black tie and tennies; however, then go for it and have fun!

kimybeee said...

my teens told me the same thing when i told them i was getting mine - my daughter got some too and didn't wear hers very long at all. even though i haven't had mine in for a long time my son still mentions that i was way to old for it if he sees one somewhere lol

Jennifer said...

I had a bright red one put in last week. I enjoyed it for about a week and then I took it out cause it bugged me not to be able to comb through my hair. I'm older than you and I had fun with it.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I almost did it. Teagan got a pink streak done- one of those breast cancer fundraiser add ins. I almost went for a set of feathers or an extension like hers but it really wouldn't suit my hairdo.