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Friday, November 4, 2011

Words that move people

It's early November. Mornings are dark and chilly, which doesn't exactly make people in my house (me included) want to jump right out of bed when the alarm goes off.

There are, however, some words that have been proven to act as eject buttons, jettisoning people right out from under the covers and onto their feet. They include:
  1. Pancakes/donuts/pizza for breakfast.
  2. There's basketball practice tonight. 
  3. I DVR'd (insert coveted show); you can watch it after you're dressed and ready.
  4. I bought marshmallows for the hot chocolate.
  5. Did you finish that homework?
  6. If you're not up in 2 minutes, you don't go to basketball practice tonight.
  7. I brought you a Diet Coke with ice. 
  8. I hear the garbage truck -- is the trash out? 
  9. It's dress-down day today.
  10. There's no school today. 
Adding this bonus -- "Oh crap! The alarm didn't go off!"
What gets you and your family moving in the mornings?


Ellen aka Ellie said...

It used to be so hard to wake Mac. I used to go in and scratch his back, so OF COURSE he wouldn't want to get up.

By HS, I needed to know he was up by a certain time as I was also getting ready, so I knocked on his door. A lot.

CWMartin said...

The thing that gets me motivated in the morning is the thought of going back to bed that night. If you want PRODUCTIVE motivation, wait till around 10 AM.

Anonymous said...

Anything that relates to getting ready to go somewhere other than school or early Mass, for me the words "Mom I tried....", Mimi and Popaw are coming. Otherwise, my non-biologically related girls are JUST like me when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning, but I can still sleep longer than they can!

Michelle said...

Words that get my homeschooled children moving (on the days we need to get out the door by a certain time):
* "If you get dressed quickly, you can have a Pop-Tart for breakfast."
* "I made smoothies!" (for my son)
* "We're going to the (insert favorite field trip destination) today!"

Anonymous said...

I wake up my son with a quick door opening and I sing, "Love of my life". That's enough to get him up. LOL