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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 completely fictional causes I could stand behind

Doesn't it seem like there's always a new petition to sign or cause to support? I was thinking about this yesterday and thought of a few that I'd happily lend my signature to.
  1. "Occupy December" -- A movement to stay home the entire month of December and alternatively be lazy and efficiently domestic
  2. Bring back the "Facts of Life" -- A petition to get Nickelodeon, The Hub, TBS, TVLand or some other television channel to start airing re-runs of the '80s sitcom "The Facts of Life"
  3. Fashion declaration -- A push to have Stacey and Clinton declare on "What Not to Wear" that which I already know: Lime green is the new neutral.
  4. Cereal: It's What's for Dinner -- A move to alleviate guilt on the part of mothers everywhere by declaring one day a month (even better, a week!) as Cereal for Dinner day.
  5. Accio Siesta! -- So I just mixed a little Harry Potter speak with Spanish, but bring on the afternoon naptimes. My brother-in-law commented over Thanksgiving that I sleep in phases, a few hours here and there. See how well an afternoon siesta would work for me?
What fictitious cause could you get behind?


Beth said...

I'm on board with everything but the lime green. I'm really behind the December movement!

Momza said...

Get the petition for Occupy December drawn up and I'm so there!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on numbers 2 and 4!


CWMartin said...

How about the let's set Chris up to retire fund. I think we all should give generously.

Amy said...

Chris -- Only if it can be the Amy and Chris fund.

(I keep typing Christ everytime I try to type your name. Flattered?)

CWMartin said...

Certainly! I can be completely vain at times! And the C&A fund sounds good to me!

Andrea Regan said...

TOTALLY with you on Bringing back The Facts of Life! I have a 14 year old daughter and I often wonder how on earth she is going to learn the things that I learned by simply watching that show! Oh wait...but she has Miley Cyrus as a role like i said, bring 'em back!
*Love your blog by the way!

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