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Sunday, January 22, 2012

An uncomfortable position to be in

It's been an unusual year to be an Indianapolis Colts fan. On one hand, our team was abysmal. Our quarterback sat on the sidelines all season. Our record (2-14) looked more like the score of a first grade basketball game. The Colts owner made a game of sending cryptic messages via Twitter, almost just to amuse himself to watch everyone wondering what he meant. And after the season was over, the coaching infrastructure exploded (which actually might be a good thing). But despite all of that, there was a silver lining to the 2011-2012 football season: We are to be at the center of the world stage that is the Super Bowl.

PhotobucketAll of the city is abuzz with Super Bowl XLVI (that's 46 for you not up on your Roman numerals) fever. People from hospitality workers to restaurant staff to government officials to ordinary citizens are psyched and ready to share that well-known "Hoosier Hospitality." Volunteers wearing hand-knit blue and white scarves will be out in force to make sure our guests leave here with the feeling that Indianapolis is a city that is worth visiting again.

There's just one (very big) piece of broccoli stuck in our proverbial service with a smile. The Patriots are coming to town. If you're an Indianapolis Colts fan, it's a given that you hate the Patsies. You hate Bill Bellicheat and his whiny quarterback. The name Pa------ (I can't bring myself to type it out again) makes your blood boil at first mention. And their fans? About a 110% on the obnoxious meter. I'd venture to bet there is no team more hated by Indianapolis Colts fans than those Minutemen who will be coming to our house on February 5.

The thought of them playing in the Super Bowl in our stadium is bad enough. But the thought of them winning the Super Bowl here? Well, I just might have to start a Facebook petition to raze Lucas Oil Stadium and start all over. It would be like Voldemort throwing a party at Hogwarts while Harry Potter was forced to serve drinks and clear tables.

But this is Indiana where "Hoosier Hospitality" is more than a tourism slogan. I know that we can put our wands and our cursed charms away and greet our guests with cheerfulness and a desire to put on a spectacular week-long show. When those New England fans and their team return home (hopefully sans the Vince Lombardi trophy), I hope they'll go back impressed with the spectacle this "flyover city" put together. I hope they will talk about the friendly people, the world class service, and the stellar party Indianapolis threw for the occasion.

Even if we do still hate them and the team which shall not be named.


Michelle said...

I'm with you, Amy. Was rooting for *any* team but the Pasties. Shiver. What a way to ruin the Bowl before it's even here.

Unknown said...

OMG! I am sooooo with you. This is so going to YOU-KNOW-WHAT! Our only hope is that Eli comes to town and blows them out of the water! The score is not looking good though. Can't believe the Saints are out of it. I'm still in mourning about that!

Michelle said...

Awesome post. We were really hoping for the two teams who lost today. Here's hoping for a Giants win.

Chris Theisen said...

At least the money staying in town after the festivities will be Patriots money, take some solace in that.

CWMartin said...

If Harbaugh had half a brain we wouldn't have to deal with this. CALL THE TIME OUT, for pity's sake!

Angie said...

I can totally understand the feelings. Can't imagine having to host Pittsburgh here ... ;) On a more positive note, as a non-Indy person, I was excited for you all to be hosting the big game. You have a fabulous city and we LOVE visiting!

Anonymous said...

I just scrolled down to see if there was an explanation for why Patriots was not spelled out in today's blog. And I was not disappointed. You are so funny.

I don't have a presference for either team playing (was hoping to see the 49ers play, but that's another story). So I thought I would cheer simplty on the basis of mascot. See our high school mascot is the Patriots (green and white thought). So, I was going to where my Hoover Pates sweatshirt. Then it dawned on me that the school my started at this year are Giants (orange and black life SF Giants though), lol. Not sure who to cheer for, maybe I'll just cheer for the food!

Sheri in CA