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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is wrong with us?

Every year I get a page-a-day calendar. One of those little desktop jobs that you tear off a page each day (hence the name. In years past, I've had calendars whose themes were The Office (funny quotes), the Biggest Loser (weight loss inspiration) and Scrabble (make your best word). I haven't gotten my calendar yet this year. So the other day I was wasting  spending time nosing around to see what calendars are out there.

What I found just really made me wonder about what is wrong with us. Us being the collective "we, the people." I found calendars and book titles that included the following:

  • Insult a Day
  • Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch
  • Life is Crap
  • The Daily Bitch
  • F My Life
I'm no Pollyanna. I know that life is not perfect and I offer my fair share of complaints. (For reference, back up two posts to "Spontaneous Verbal Combustion.") But why would I spend good money putting those negative messages in front of myself day after day? In a line of thinking along "you are what you eat," I think to a certain extent I am -- or I become -- what I surround myself with.

I'm not suggesting that we have to bury our heads or turn away from everything negative. We need to be aware of the way our world works so we can make choices to keep us clear of trouble or to help change things that need to be changed. But I think we also need to spread joy and laughter and learning and other worthwhile pursuits. Maybe that is Pollyanna-ish. So be it.

I'm not likely to choose a daily calendar of puppies or kittens. But you can bet I won't be choosing "F My Life," either. Instead, I'm thinking of this:



Eternal Lizdom said...

I think that so much of life is about perspective- it was even the topic of our pastor's sermon this past week. I think choosing a calendar of awesome is a way of having far better perspective!!

Momza said...

I know what you're talking about--I like the one you've chosen though!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I dislike that people, particularly females, refer to any woman as a bitch. I don't know why that's a good thing.

If a woman is strong and in control, can't she just be strong and in control? Why does she have to be a "bitch?" Why is that something any woman would want to be?


I agree with you.

Well, except for the page a day thing. I tend to need a month in front of me, so any page a day calendar is wasted on me. I'm calendarly challenged. (Can't believe spell check won't let that pass...)

Michelle said...

Agreed. I don't understand why someone would want a calendar like those! We get a learning calendar each year. The one for this year is The American Patriot's calendar with a fact or two about our country each day. Lots to learn, so little time! ;P