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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sad night on the Biggest Loser (spoiler)

Photobucket I knew it was going to happen. Nancy, the grande dame of this season's Biggest Loser, was sent home tonight. I've thought from the beginning of the season that everyone was just humoring the old lady as long as they had to.

What's really sad is that Nancy was the only one making sense and speaking wisdom in all the drama between Conda (who else?) and Adrian, of the turquoise team, who earned his way back to the ranch with his sister Daphne by losing more than a combined 50 pounds at home. Conda and Kim were really pretty mean and immature tonight, treating Adrian as though he'd done something wrong by coming back to the ranch. Adrian's mistake was not in coming back, but in being a little too braggy about what he'd done and was going to do.

The weigh-in for both teams was miserable. Neither team cleared a 2% weight loss. Ironically, Nancy lost 5 pounds and had a higher percentage of weight loss than 4 other people on the red team. Conda only lost a pitiful 2 pounds. But of course no one wrote Conda's name down under those silver domes. Why? Because she's a mean girl and everyone is afraid of making an enemy of her. The mean girl strategy (although I think this is all natural and not an affected strategy) served Vicky well in Season 6, so maybe Conda is on to something.

Nancy, who is 63 years old, has lost 42 pounds so far (18 while she was on the ranch). It was great to see her with so many of her 13 kids and 55 grandkids at the transformation moment, but I think granddaughter Cassandra is going to take it pretty hard when G-ma does not return to the house after the elimination room.

I was really hoping to see Nancy make it to makeover week. Hopefully some of her kids and grandkids will treat her to a makeover before the season finale.


Joanie said...

I was sad to see Nancy go home tonight. I'm glad she's doing well though.

This group doesn't seem to have the drive like the folks from previous seasons. Some of them have lost in 4 weeks what folks before them lost in half the time.

'The aqua team sure didn't make any friends when they came back! All talk and no action. I don't see them lasting long.

I do want to see Conda and Kim get the boot soon!!

Jessica McCoy said...

This whole season has been sad to me. So negative and whiney. I don't understand why Conda is still there? How does the team not see that she is the root of all the problems? I think Nancy did a little and I'm glad she called Conda out on going around to everyone and talking about Adrian behind his back.

I felt bad for Adrian. I think he came in to the house being braggy because he didn't want his team thinking that he didn't work hard. I think he was trying to show them that he could put in the work at the ranch because he had done it at home. Hopefully the Conda drama will end soon!