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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three little words

Isn't it amazing how three small words can make your heart swell and your insides feel all warm and cozy?

Those words might be...

...I love you

...Thank you, Mom

...It's a girl -- or It's a boy

Or even...

...You were right

...Down a pound

...Triple coupon day

...The Giants win (Sorry - I still have some residual Super Bowl joy going on.)

Tonight as I was putting Robbie to bed, he snuggled into the bed next to me and said...

...Today was awesome.

And I was like butter, all melty and warm and feeling so lucky to be here in this place.

So, what three words do you love to hear?


CWMartin said...

Right now, "I can breathe!"

Unknown said...

You've lost weight.... seriously though, some of my favorite words are "Thanks for everything"

Mrs4444 said...

This is brilliant. How's that? :)

African Mango said...

Well, that is a good question, mmmmmm I think there is no specific word(s) but anything that have the meaning of success or other people thank me for something I did to change their life for better.