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Monday, April 16, 2012

Boy, do I feel like a schmuck

I went to lunch with several co-workers today. We decided to skip our usual neighborhood places and head downtown to Scotty's Brewhouse. I love the Brewhouse -- even when I'm not having brew, which is most of the time. Fried pickles. YUM. Great lo-cal options. Even better "regular options."


Today, I ordered the half buffalo chicken wrap with carrots and celery on the side. The wrap came with the mild mo'fo sauce. I can't imagine what the hawt mo'fo sauce must be like, because my mouth was feeling pretty fiery after the first two bites. (I think I drank a whole pitcher of water by myself.) Please understand, this wrap was GOOD, but spicy.

So as the table next to us was wrapping up, the server brought their checks and the traditional box of Red Hots for each Scotty's customer. Red Hots did not seem to be a great follow-up to my spicy lunch, so I got to thinking that Lemonheads would be a great after-meal treat.

Not often one to keep my opinions to myself, I pulled out my phone and tweeted:

I move that @brewhouse switches from Redhots to Lemonheads. Anyone second the motion? @BgKahuna @kristina64 @sssemester

(All great tweeps to follow, btw.)

Here's where the schmuckishness comes in.

Before I got back to my office, I had a direct message from @brewhouse -- Scotty Wise, THE Scotty in Scotty's Brewhouse.

Red hots are there to memorialize my grandmother (passed away many years ago) as she put them in my applesauce to get me to eat it, so they won't be leaving anytime soon...sorry.

Please Scotty, you have to believe that I would never interfere with the memory of anyone's Grandma. Honestly, I'm not that big of a schmuck. At least not on purpose. What's worse is that I've pulled several friends into schmuckdom with me. There are at least five people on Twitter now calling for Scotty to move away from the Red Hots. What have I done?!

I hope I haven't gotten myself banned from Scotty's, even if they don't offer Lemonheads.


scottysbrewhouse said...

you would never be banned... just like to explain the story behind why we do things... gives the "brand" life and identity, as it is me (the wizard behind the curtain)... and, we all know i say more things on twitter that can be offensive than this... i understand when people are just playing around, no worries, no foul. party on wayne. love, "the" scotty

Eternal Lizdom said...

Don't you get Lemonheads at the Lakehouse? It's been a while since we've been there but it was something my kids loved and there's no way they'd go for the Red Hots.

Miss Stewart and Students said...

I love Red Hots. Bring your own Lemonheads (blech) and save your Red Hots for when I get to town. If I ever get to town.

You could just chalk this up to being a rich person's problem...

I'm sure he understands, and I'm sure he liked getting to tell you about his gram.

Unknown said...

Your intentions meant no harm, but I totally have been in your shoes or lack there of because my foot or both feet were stuck in my mouth. Sometimes we just biff. It's all good like Scotty says! :-)

Mike Magan said...

I love Scotty and I love my wife - but I love red hots ahhhhhh! I say let's go to the lake house!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh Amy ... you are SO not a schmuck! And I love that he came to your blog and responded to your post! How cool!

Winnie said...

Glad I found your blog today. This had me laughing. I love all things hot and spicy, but not a red hot...funny.. I read the black jelly bean post and was chuckling away as all 6 of us kids would eat all our candy and leave the black jelly beans fo my mom.

Homemom3 said...

I was coming on here to tell ya I doubt you would be banned and that I thought it was a neat story. But I see Scotty has already stopped by. Is the story actually on anything in the restaurant? I never thought to look last time I was there. I think this would make a great touch to the menu explaining the red hots.