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Monday, May 14, 2012

What is your mom's superpower?

Mothers are a pretty special breed of people. In fact, you might say mothers are superheroes, though we don't have the fancy costumes go with the persona. (Which is fine with me because I think Wonder Woman probably fights wonder wedgies fairly often.)

It's not the general awesomeness of each day -- dishes, laundry, cooking, driving -- that earn moms our superhero status. It's our superpowers that really make us remarkable. Some of us have x-ray vision. Some have super hearing. Some moms can uncannily read minds.

PhotobucketThis is my mom, Julie. She's got two superpowers.

The first is the ability to fix almost anything with a rubber band and a paper clip. Honestly. Give the woman something broken, a rubber band and a paper clip and 9 times out of 10, it will be fixed before you can call a repair guy. Seriously -- dishwasher, DVD player, big toe. When something in my house is broken, the kids will say "May Grandma can fix it."

My mom's second superpower is really just for show and came in much handier when I was a kid wanting to impress friends. But what good is a superpower if you can't show it off once in a while anyway. No, she doesn't tie a cherry stem with her tongue. She doesn't walk on hot coals barefoot, though she did used to hold her baby bottle with her feet (so I'm told).

The very cool, just for show superpower my mom has is that she can make a free throw while holding a bag of groceries in one arm. How cool is that?! I bet your mom would be jealous.

Speaking of your mom, what is her superpower?


Beth Zimmerman said...

The snap and shoot (finger point) which instantly freezes it's victim! Especially in church!

Darlene said...

Razors embedded in her hands made her able to shred us kids with a single swipe. We behaved. Mostly.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

My mom's superpower was instilling in me the want to know her more after missing her for 20 years. She died when I was 31, and I still have things I wish I could ask her every single day.