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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sometimes marriage looks like this (after 19 years at least)

I was planning to wax philosophic or at least sentimental tonight because Mike and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. But I decided to share a slice of regular old married life.


(Phone rings.)

She (at the office) said: Hey!

He said (through gritted teeth and with frustrated voice): If you are going to insist on locking all the doors at home, then you should make sure there is a key hidden outside somewhere.

She said (confused): Uh, ok. Why?

He said (still frustrated, a bit more vigorously so): Because people have to be able to get in the house.

She said (trying to remain even-toned, but probably sounding sarcastic): Huh. When I want to get into the house and it's locked, I use my housekey.

He said: Well, I can't find my keys. And now I wasted my entire lunch hour driving home and I can't get in the house because you have to lock all the doors. I know it's my fault I can't find my keys, but still there should be some way for a person to get in.

She said -- well, nothing at first because she was still trying to figure out how locking all the doors when you're not at home is a bad thing.

Then she said: What do you need?

He said (impatiently): I need the ointment for my foot.

She said: Why don't you just go buy some at the store?

He said:  Because I can't find my wallet.

She said -- nothing, again. But she thought to herself, "I am so blogging about this."


Eighteen or 19 years ago, I would have been really annoyed by this scenario. I might have even jumped in and escalated it to a real fight. I'm not sure if it's wisdom or wear, but yesterday when it took place, I just laughed (and ok, plotted a minor bit of blog-worthy revenge.)

Yep. It's not all sunshine and lollipops. And it's not all sneers and sarcasm. It's life. And in the grand scheme of things, it's good.

Happy anniversary to my huzzzband.


Unknown said...

This is so my life too! Great post.

CWMartin said...

And you let this man go outside on his own??

Anonymous said...

LOL! I LOVE this! I've often thought about blogging about some of our "discussions", but I've been too chicken. Of course, he doesn't read the blog anyway, so it's not like he'd ever know! ;)
Hmmmmm *plotting revenge* ;)

Darlene said...

Is my husband married to you too?

@tracystevenson said...

I loved this. I use the "pause" approach too. Especially when I get " do you know where my belt is?"

Michelle said...

Awesome. Simply awesome! Happy anniversary!

Michelle said...

Awesome. Simply awesome! Happy anniversary!

kimybeee said...

happy anniversary!!! we celebrated our 20th in may!!!

Rachel said...

That is just too funny! Hope he found his keys. And his wallet. In enough time to enjoy a happy anniversary with you!