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Friday, April 19, 2013

Ya buncha bed makers, you

 photo hospitalcorner_zpsa01031f6.jpgI asked one simple question on the 4th Frog Facebook page the other day:

How many of you make your bed every morning, or almost every morning?

Whoa! I had no idea how many people would take the time to answer. To date, 123 people have responded (that's a lot for my page). Of those 123, I would say everyone except about 5 people make their bed every day or almost every day. 

For realz? With hospital corners and everything? 

It probably won't surprise you that I am not a bed maker. There are several reasons why I don't feel compelled to tidy up my sleep space. 
  1. Once I'm up, I hit the ground running and just don't have (or take) the time to make the bed.
  2. I have a king size bed and making it amounts to an aerobic workout, which I try to avoid at all costs.
  3. Why make it when I'm just going to get back in it in 18 hours and mess it up again?
In fact, the only time I do make my bed is when I'm cleaning the bedroom so I have a flat surface to put all the junk that's cluttering the floor. 

When I was in college, I kind of made my bed most mornings. I lived in a sorority house (Ahoy there, Delta Gammas!) and we all slept upstairs in one big dormitory filled with bunk beds. During rush week and when talking to parents we referred to it as an "open air dorm." But really, it was a cold dorm -- made that way because the windows were kept open all the time to air out the germs that could collect when 70 girls were sleeping in one room. If you didn't at least pull the covers up over the mattress and your pillow in the morning, you could be in for a very cold welcome when you got back in bed at night.

That's probably why, even today, I like climbing into a bed with cold sheets and pillowcases. I don't like it to stay cold, but I like to start out that way.

Some people in my unscientific Facebook poll said they only make their beds on the weekends. What I want to know is why? The weekends are "off-duty" time, although I do tackle several other chores over the weekend.

But all you bed makers have gotten me thinking. Maybe I'll make my bed today. Or maybe I'll just climb back in it and take a nap.


Momza said...

I make my bed every day and the kids haveta make theirs before leaving for school in the morning.
Why we do this is a combo of many reasons but the top couple are, first, it affects my mood--if my bed is made, then chances are that the rest of my room will be picked up too. I NEED clean spaces. Second, just plain ol' discipline. habit. Third, Honoring the blessing we have of owning a bed, when there are scores of people all over the world who do not have a place to sleep of their own.Maybe it's just gratitude I'm trying to teach my yahoos; an awareness of their privileges. I love climbing into my fresh, crisp bed at night. In fact, if I were a billionaire, I would PAY someone to change my sheets every day! I hope we can still be friends?!!

CWMartin said...

Oops, I should have responded to this sooner. I haven't made more than 10 beds in the last 40 years- at least to my recollection.

Mama Melch said...

After his stint in the military, my husband refused to make our bed for years. A few months ago he asked our daughter to start making her bed and she refused pointing at ours in indignation. We are now ALL daily bed-makers.

Jen said...

I never make mine either. King size and I agree kind of like a workout. No fun.

Amy said...

Momza -- Of course we can still be can come over and make my bed any day.

Amy said...

CW -- Good to hear from you! I think I might be slightly ahead of you in the bed making count.

MamaM -- Monkey see, monkey do. Yes, my kids don't make their beds either.

Jen -- Glad to know someone understands.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I make mine. It bugs me too much not to. But hospital corners? No way ... I just tug the sheets and blankets to the top and call it good!