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Friday, June 7, 2013

I don't need a press release to tell me about stress relief

A few days ago, I received this PR pitch in my e-mail:
 photo 6588a3ed-3b91-4c18-9c86-55f93d514f8a_zps062f5a4c.jpg

I thought to myself, "I don't need an expert to tell me how to release my stress. I have up-close-and-personal experience with that all by myself." So today, I'm going to tell you how to release stress in less than 5 minutes without buying someone's book.

Eat something. Today is National Donut Day, but a donut -- or 3 -- can make stress disappear right quick. Another good choice is a chocolate frosted brownie. Ice cream is always helpful, too. You can try to harness the stress-relieving power of carrots if you'd like, but I can't promise results.

Throw a hissy fit. Stomp your feet. Bang your hands. Scream. Cry. Blurt out whatever words make you feel better.  If "Oh pickles!" is the phrase that pays in your stress relief, holler it with gusto.

Color. Grab some crayons and paper and color. I don't know if it's the rhythm of moving the crayon  back and forth across the paper or if it's the satisfaction of smashing wax against something, but I find coloring helps when I am stressed.

Swing. Quick! Find the nearest playground and hop on a swing. Pump your legs, breathe in the air as you lean back, exhale as you swing forward. Works every time. Unless it's raining. Then it might just add to your stress. Also, if you have a violent streak and might be tempted to kick over some little kid running in front of your swing, head to the bakery instead. (See above: Eat something.)

Pray: My priest will be happy that I included this option in my list. Praying that God will come and annihilate whomever it is that is causing you stress probably won't be very fruitful. But praying for peace, calm, understanding, or strength is a good idea.

Fart. Let's be honest. Sometimes stress gets you right in the gut. Let a big, stinky one rip and chances are you'll feel much better.

What are your favorite ways to relieve stress?


Unknown said...

6. Read Amy's Blog! You always make me laugh! Blowing bubbles is supposed to help too. The government and society frowns upon blowing up anything other than bubbles or balloons! :-)

Unknown said...

Ok, 6 should have been #7, and I escape to another world be reading or walking. (but I don't do both well at the same time!)

@tracystevenson said...

You had me at hit the swings! I can always be brought to a child like peace when swinging like a did when I was a school girl. We built a trampoline for my son recently and I've been known to get out there and jump while he is at school..... GREAT stress relief!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Walking in the forest ... or by the ocean. Neither of which is readily available in Oklahoma. =)

kimybeee said...

I am telling you if everybody farted when they needed to the world would be a happier and funnier place. I laugh so hard when I am in a multi stall bathroom. farts are funny! and the middle east eats all that spicy food, no wonder they are always at war - they have too much pent up fart gas bothering them.

and a lot of what you listed can all be tied to farting, eating and swinging both can bring on a good stinker lol. praying that it doesn't come out in front of other people also ties in lol

I work in a hospital - I choose to wear scrub tops with Disney characters and other fun stuff on them. I get all kinds of compliments on them and people kinda soften up when they see you wearing Minnie mouse or snoopy! so clothing choice can also relieve stress. and I do not work anywhere near peds lol

internet surfing and seeing how pitiful other people are can relieve stress when you realize how blessed you are in your own house to not have bad things happening. happiness at the expense of others I guess!