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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mid-afternoon thoughts on turning 43

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It's my 43rd birthday. Here's what I think about that...
  1. I'm not sure I feel 43, though I'm not sure what 43 is supposed to feel like. My spirit feels younger, not super young, but maybe 38. Or 40. My body? Well, that feels 57. (see #2)
  2. Today I called to schedule an MRI of my neck and my mammogram. Nothing says "Happy Birthday to me" like a little controlled radiation.
  3. When someone asks what I want for my birthday, I finally understand why my dad always answered that question with "nothing." There's really nothing I am coveting. A few things I would enjoy, but I'm more interested in getting rid of stuff than acquiring more.
  4. OK, if I have to name one thing, I'd say a mani-pedi. It feels great, lasts a while and doesn't have to be stored or dusted.
  5. Mom's birthday is an excellent behavior modification tool. When Charlie was slow to get out of bed this morning, Robbie said "Get up! It's Mom's birthday." Annie used it to get the boys to stop fighting -- "Knock it off, it's Mom's birthday!"
  6. In the order of priorities, the hierarchy today is Robbie & Mike's soccer practice, Annie's play, Mom's birthday.
  7. It's much better when your birthday falls just after payday instead of just before. That's ok. I can wait to celebrate tomorrow.
  8. Every time there is a card-giving occasion, Mike puts a York Peppermint Patty in the card for me. It's a small gesture, but I love it.
  9. I'm 43 and I'm having a mid-life hair crisis. Is there really any point to keep growing it out? 
  10. Being wished a happy birthday still feels good -- after all these years. So far, I've gotten 3 birthday phone calls, more than 150 birthday Facebook messages, and a little personal birthday greeting from Mike. (Blush.)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from another 43 year old! xx

kimybeee said...

41 on the 10th - was just another day! lol we don't do much celebrating around here for anything. just never put a priority on it. now whatever man ends up with my daughter is gonna be so lucky because she is like her momma and doesn't want anything and thinks all the gushy mushy stuff is a waste. on the other hand, the girl that ends up with my son will probably be pissed lol lol lol cause he also doesn't subscribe to the gift giving and celebratory stuff. he stopped celebrating his birthday somewhere around age 7. my daughter did have parties till about 15 and then we threw her a small surprise at 18.

I would much rather count my blessings than candles on a cake!

and wink wink - good job mike lol

Unknown said...

Happy birthday (albeit belatedly)!

I will be 53 in October, and I was sort of musing similarly about that just yesterday. What is it supposed to look like? I don't feel 53...Of course, I'm just fighting against prejudices I've apparently carried for all these five decades...


As for gifts, I feel the same way--the gift of an experience is what I'd like, although a mani-pedi would be lovely too. Or...if someone wants to make my orthodontist payment or, better yet, my house payment for October, that's something I could really use!


Ellen aka Miss Stewart