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Thursday, February 13, 2014

17 reasons she has my heart

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Today is Annie's 17th birthday. People told me it would go fast. I nodded my head, "yes, I'm sure it will." Diapers and lost pacifiers, Barbies, Hannah Montana, high school and wham! Here we are. It all went by in a blur. So I'm happy to take a few minutes to think back and recount how this lovely young lady grabbed my heart.
  1. She was the first to call me Mommy. She endured the trials and errors of first-time parenting.
  2. She was rolly and happy and downright kissable.
  3. She was -- and still is -- creative. I didn't think I would survive the daily 5am paint and glitter hour, but I did and now I smile at the memory.
  4. She coined the phrase "That's so fashion" and used it whenever she wanted to indicate "thumbs up" to her preschool couture.
  5. She was -- and still is to a degree -- timid about making friends, but was -- and still is -- incredibly loyal to those who've earned the designation of "friend."
  6. She was the instigator of scenarios that include the phrases "that's a boob sucker," "too many penises in this car," and "mostly I played dead Barbies."
  7. She is kind-hearted and sticks up for the underdog.
  8. She laughs a lot, often so hard she cries.
  9. She wears glasses because she needs to, but also because they are an extension of her identity (and because she can't stand the thought of touching her eyeball to put contact lenses in).
  10. She knows who she is -- quirky, artsy, funny -- and is unapologetic for it.
  11. She has big dreams and doesn't care to listen when people try to point out the obstacles.
  12. She brings me sanity in this house where the girls are outnumbered by the boys 3-2. (I'm scared for when she goes off to college and leaves me here!)
  13. She makes awesome banana bread.
  14. She does the dishes, usually without being asked (another reason why I dread her going to college).
  15. She is gorgeous. Honestly. Beautiful eyes. Warm smile. To-kill-for hair. 
  16. She rolls her eyes and tells me to quit commenting on her Facebook posts, but she still comes to ask for a hug and tells me her secrets (at least some of them).
  17. She is my "Annie Gannie Gurl."


Mama Melch said...

Happy happy birthday dear Annie! What a beautiful young lady you are, just like your mother (except the young part).

Kate said...

So sweet. I can't even imagine my oldest girl turning 17. And Annie really does have gorgeous eyes!

Michelle said...

Oh happy birthday to Annie!!! Talk about a day to celebrate with cake :)