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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Late night thoughts on grocery shopping on Christmas Eve eve

Almost the last thing I wanted to do at 10:30pm was go to the grocery store. But it was December 23, Christmas Eve eve, and I was bound and determined to lay in the supplies for Christmas day before Christmas Eve.

It had already been an expensive day. New brake pads (4 of them) on the van, an oil change for Annie's car, the last of the Christmas gift purchases -- all of which were more or less planned for -- and then the totally unexpected need to replace Annie's one and only pair of eyeglasses when they accidentally broke in a moment of horseplay with Charlie. So I was determined to spend wisely on this trip.

That meant I sat down ahead of time to update my Target Cartwheel and match up coupons to as many things as I could. By the time I hit the Target parking lot, it was 10:30pm. Here is what went through my head:

 photo 625F3D75-7B87-4BC9-BA56-6CBD2DB65CD3_zpsezr2j6fk.jpg
  1. Thank God Target is open until midnight tonight. 
  2. Stick to the list, Amy. Stick to the li--ooh! Gingerbread houses (Note: Restraint was victorious)
  3. Oh, we do need bananas. And ketchup. (Victory short-lived)
  4. 5 people with two weeks home for Christmas break? This is gonna be expensive.
  5. Merry Christmas to me -- I'm buying the pre-made veggie tray instead of making it myself. (For the record, I was going to clean, chop and assemble it myself, but the only celery I could find was a seen-better-days package of organic celery. You can't have a proper veggie tray without celery.)
  6. Wow. The key to shopping on Christmas Eve eve is coming late at night. There's practically no one here. 
  7. I'm not buying hot dogs. Robbie will eat 5 in a day and then they will be gone.
  8. So many 2 for $5 deals. Did I mention this is gonna be expensive.
  9. I will buy one bag of "good" bagels and one bag of Market Pantry bagels.
  10. Ding! Ding! Ding! Doing the happy dance here! Spiral sliced ham for $1.99/pound, minus $1 per pound with my coupon, minus 10% on the Cartwheel, minus 10% for the Red Card + Rx Rewards = spiral sliced ham for about 80 cents a pound! Let's buy two!
  11. Yes! The last box of sugar cookie cutouts. Bake and decorate. Perfect! I wonder if that's on the Cartwheel?
  12. Crappy cereal as Christmas gifts...brilliant! 
  13. Seriously, all the hash browns are gone? Yes, I could make my own, but it's Christmas. See #5.
  14. Chocolate chip peppermint slice & bake cookies?! That must have been what Beth did for her party.
  15. Don't forget the dog food.
  16. Orange juice. Better write "do not drink" on this when I get home or it will be gone before Christmas morning.
  17. Can beef jerky be a stocking stuffer? 
  18. Almost finished. Just need to find the hashbrowns, oh! and batteries. Duracell 9 volt. I have a coupon for that.
  19. Why are batteries so flipping expensive? 
  20. Where did all these people come from and why are there only 2 checkout lanes open?
  21. Coupons, Passbook, Cartwheel, pharmacy rewards, Red Card. It's like a game.
  22. I win! Took $50 off my total. 
  23. It really might be easier to push this cart home than unload it into the van only to unload it from the van to the kitchen. 
  24. Where are my keys? And my phone? Maybe shopping while exhausted isn't a great idea.
  25. Midnight. Whew. Closed down the store. I sure hope that someone is awake at home to help me carry all these in and put them away.
  26. I am DONE. I will not set foot into a store until sometime next week...oh crap. Forgot I need one quick thing at Walgreen's. I'll make Mike go. 
  27. Bet this might make a good blog post.


Beth said...

I had many thoughts as I was dashing in and out of stores on Christmas Eve eve. Most of them weren't nice. The biggest thought though was that I will NOT do this to myself next year.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I loathe Christmas shopping unless I go with Brad, and most of the time he goes alone. That's how much I hate it.

I was going to go last night, but I promised him I'd watch a movie with him. I also had presents to wrap.

So I got up at six today and was at Meijer at 6:30. They didn't have two things I wanted, but only one of those I needed. So I hit Jewel.

Then, on the way home, I remembered I needed to go to Walgreen's. They weren't even open yet. Yay for me, boo for me.

Brad has offered to get my Rx and the catering at noon.

I have baking to do, but first I walked my dogs...

I'm sure it will all come together. And if it doesn't, I'll just sing the Whos' song tomorrow morning.