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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can we be friends?

Thanks to Kristi at Not Quite What I Had Planned for posting the link to my ABCs of Thanksgiving and welcome to the 4th Frog Blog all of you Kristi fans who popped over for a peek. We had a mutually beneficial agreement -- Kristi posted my link giving me some more traffic and giving herself an opportunity to be lazy :)

You can either scroll down past The Few, The Brave, The Shoppers to read my Thanksiging entry (and my 100th post!) or you can click this link and go straight to it.

Whether you're new to the 4th Frog or not, if you like what you read here, feel free to subscribe to either by entering your e-mail address or clicking the "Subscribe in a reader" button, both to the right. If you enter your e-mail, new Frog updates will be sent to your e-mail inbox. If you subscribe in a reader, new updates will be sent to a location of your choosing -- like your Google homepage. You can also click the Follow this Blog button and follow me in your Blogger dashboard.

However you choose to come back, I hope to see you here again!


Cindi said...

Hi Amy...I came over from "Not Quite What I Had Planned" and have thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I really liked your ABCs of Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing it!

Sharon said...

Look at you, gaining a good following! **Go Amy!**

Btw, I like the holiday blog look. The frog's scarf is just nifty.