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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you ready?!

T-minus 7 hours and 48 minutes until The Biggest Loser Season 8!

Will you watch?
Have you ever applied to be on the show?
Does the show inspire you to eat less and move more?
Do you exercise during commercials?
Do you watch the show while eating a bowl of ice cream?

If you just can't wait until 8pm EST for your TBL fix, click here to go to the show's website.


Marine Wife said...

can't wait! Just posted on FB about it -- how sad. No, don't exercise during the show, but think about it sometimes. ;-)
sometimes snack but try to snack on popcorn or yogurt. I'd feel too guilty to snack on certain things during that show!

Jessica McCoy said...

THANK YOU! For some reason this was not on my calendar that the premier was tonight! You have SAVED me :)

Am I going crazy or is Daniel the same guy that was on the show last season?? Surely I'm just going nuts.

Momza said...

hmm I probably won't watch.
I've never applied to be on it.
and what were the other questions? lol

I'm totally enjoying my new addiction "GLEE" tho!

Sharon said...

LOVED it!!! WHY did I not watch it before?! Seriously.
I really enjoyed it, and to answer your questions, NO, I did not exercise during commercials, and don't think I will. I do feel more motivated and inspired, though. I will probably eat ice cream while I watch, but it'd be Skinny Cow brand, and I try to exercise during the day, so that'd be taken care of already.

Never applied for the show, but if I was in their situation, I think it'd be amazing to do so.

Next week I'll run into a problem. Biggest Loser will be on, along w/ DWTS and 90210. Crap dammit. What to do?

Amy said...

@Jessica - You're welcome :) And yes, it is the same Daniel.

@Momza - Have heard good things about "GLEE." Will have to give it a try. When is it on?

@Sharon - What to do? Well, does DWTS or 90210 inspire you? No? There's your answer!