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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today as I was waiting for my Chocolate Extreme Blizzard at Dairy Queen (it was my lunch, honestly), I was googling Weight Watchers on my new iPhone. Well, isn't that special?

At one of our recent counseling sessions, the therapist that Mike & I have been working with invited her supervisor to join our session. Though she swears it's not because she thinks we are a primo example of dysfunctional, I'm not convinced. Well, isn't that special?

A few days ago, I overheard Charlie ask Robbie if he wanted to play "pregnant." Worried about what that could mean, I stuck my head in the room and watched as the each laid back on their backs, put their feet in the air against the other's feet and pushed forward with their feet, wailing and moaning as they did. Guess someone's watched too much "A Baby Story" on TLC. Well, isn't that special?

Last week I was wearing a sleeveless top under a cardigan sweater. It was kind of warm, so I ended up taking the cardigan off and just going a meeting with my boss, talking to other moms in the parking lot at school pick up. It was only on the way home with Annie sitting next to me as I raised my arm to tuck my hair behind my ear -- something I do a lot and I'm sure I did on several occasions that a meeting with my boss, in the parking lot at school pick up -- that I realized (ok, Annie shriekingly discovered) that it had been a LONG time since I'd shaved my armpits. Well, isn't that special?

What kind of specialness has found its way into your life lately?


Joanne said...

Oh Oh I have one!!!

You have a PhD and new to our department and still we have to guide you not once, not twice but three times to where the stationery is stored on the third floor. The building isn't that big.

Now isn't that special?

Sharon said...


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Too bad it wasn't lent you could have claimed you gave it up!