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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Biggest Loser: Funny, crazy, inspiring

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Sorry folks, I missed the first 30 minutes of tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser. You all will have to fill me in. I asked on Facebook and was told "Tracy is crazy!," which I'd already gotten a hint of. I came in to the show as Abby was talking to Dr. H. about the stress fracture in her knee.

Without giving a play-by-play of the entire two hour show (or at least the 90 minutes I saw), I'd summarize tonight's episode as funny, crazy and inspiring:

There were several funny things contestants said during tonight's episode, including:

Rebecca: "Damn you, sprinkles!," yelling at a cupcake that was tempting her.

Danny: "Oh my! I guess these (cupcakes) have real sugar in them!," trying to get the other contestants (including his partner Liz) to believe that he was eating the cupcakes to win the temptation.

Sean: "I wanted to take a cupcake and rub it all over my body!"

Rebecca: "I'm used to eating pizza, not running up hills," as she was carrying 10 pounds of weight up the incline during the fitness challenge.

Dina (to Jillian during the last chance workout): "Do me a favor. Don't talk to me," letting Jillian know she didn't need someone yapping in her face as she tried to finish her run on the treadmill.

Whether it was creative editing or it was really that way, Tracy came across as being (just like someone said on Facebook) crazy. First, she gave up the chance for both she and Coach Mo to work with the trainers this week in exchange for a 2-pound advantage at the weigh in. And did anyone notice those crazy eyes she was making all night?

Then she ate four cupcakes during the temptation challenge so she could be the one to control whose weight would count at the weigh in.

Now, for the record, I don't think that eating 4 cupcakes was that big of a deal. They were told each cupcake was 100 calories. There are 3,500 calories in a pound. 35 cupcakes would only be one pound, which would take no time to work off in the Biggest Loser gym. So Tracy's 4 cupcakes were probably be gone in one treadmill run.

Speaking of crazy, what the heck, Jillian?! She totally wigged out when she heard Tracy ate the cupcakes. It was 400 calories, that's it. It wasn't 4,000. Jillian calling Tracy "crazy" and "bananas" is totally the pot calling the kettle black.

There were two really inspiring segments of the show tonight. The first was at the end of the fitness challenge. Each team had to carry 500 pounds to the top of a tall ramp. The first to finish won immunity. First team to raise the flag all the way wins.

After the Green team had won (Go Indiana's own Allen!), the other teams all finished and several players were interviewed who said that the Biggest Loser is teaching them to finish what they started (Except in the case of desserts obviously. Don't finish those. Probably don't start them in the first place.) When Coach Mo was the last to finish, all the contestants grabbed his weights and helped him finish his task. Just like last week, teamwork and unity. I'm liking this season.

The other inspiring thing that happened tonight was when both the Red (Antoine and Sean) and the Orange (Daniel and Shay) teams were below the yellow line. Antoine and Sean were all class. They basically sacrificed themselves so Shay could stay on the ranch longer.

Their sacrifice paid off. In the transformation moments at the end of the show, Sean had lost 124 pounds. Wish he'd lose the bad haircut. His wife is expecting a baby girl very soon and they plan to name the new baby Jillian!

For his part, Antoine has lost 105 pounds and I must say that he is looking mighty buff in the gym. He is dating Alexandra who was eliminated in the first week. I'm happy that he's happy, although I didn't care for Alexandra.

When both the Red and Orange teams fell below the yellow line, there was plenty of animosity toward Tracy. We'll have to see how it plays out next week.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Lots of emotions tonight for sure, but you missed the first laugh when Jillian said "Not the brightest bulb" about Tracy for giving up the trainers for a 2 pound advantage!

Also, Sean's wife already had the baby! This is Jillian's tweet from last week:

JillianMichaels "Something so sweet I forgot to mention. Sean from BL8 named his baby girl Jillian May!!! So flattered. My first namesake. Luv u Sean. xox"

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I think Jillian wasn't that far off in calling Tracey "bananas", but I also understand why Tracey was making those decisions. She wasn't there for the week and a half that this group really bonded. She doesn't feel as much a part of it as the others, even her own teammate, or she might not have been so willing to alienate everyone for gameplay.

I personally would have asked each team, who do you want to weigh? and then that would be who weighed! Simple as that, to mend all the hurt feelings. Tracey played it all wrong.

Shauna said...

I was so mad at Tracy at the end when she made Shay weigh in, even though she said she wanted Shay to stay at the ranch. I just don't think Tracy really thought through any of her decisions. I'm sure she feels a little left out (and probably worried about her stability in the game) because everyone else had that whole week and a half to bond, and because she doesn't get to work out in the gym with them, but I think instead of trying to protect herself in the game, she made it worse.

I totally cried when Sean and Antoine were talking to the group at the end. I thought it was very noble of them to sacrifice themselves for Shay. I love that they're not JUST there for themselves, that they care about everyone else on the ranch.


Joanne said...

Except for crazy Tracy I loved this group again. I had to keep reminding myself that I would have loathed to see any of them go home except Tracy. After all they did for her during that very very first challenge. It was like she just decided to be contrary - except with the blue team. Weirdo!!

I personally am more inpsired by the good I see in people and LOVED how this season has bonded as a whole group.

Marine Wife said...

Tracy not only acted crazy, she kept making those crazy eyes, like you mentioned. I did wonder at one point, if she was put up to any of it by producers.

The reason Jillian reacted that way to the cupcakes wasn't about the cupcakes. It had to do with the fact that she and Bob sat down with Tracy after her 1st bad decision (forgoing trainers for 2lb. advantage) to help her and them understand where these impulsive decisions were coming from and how to stop them. Then she totally disrega

Of course, I kept cringing at Tracy's craziness b/c she's a military spouse and she just wasn't representing very well!

Vicki said...

I really hope Tracy turns out to be another Vickie from a couple of seasons ago.

Joanie said...

Oh dang Amy! I missed the first 40 minutes and was counting on you to fill me in! LOL

I wondered how long it would be before a bitch would show her hand and her name is Tracey.

Tracey better watch her back! EVERYONE is going to be gunning for her now! If there was viewer voting like on Dancing With The Stars, her ass would be gone next week! I guess Tracey completely forgot how everyone carried her over the finish line the first hour of TBL when she collapsed in the sand.

I cried when Sean and Antoine sacrificed themselves for Shay's benefit. What a wonderful selfless thing to do! I'm also not crazy for Alexandra, but I'm glad Antoine is happy.

Not sure how long the Pink team will be able to hold on. Why are their losses so small all the time?

I still don't have a favorite team or person yet. I do love how Daniel is the "old man" of the group because he's BTDT.

I think I need to watch the episode online, unless they do a repeat during the week.

Anonymous said...

it SUCKED that Tracy lost 11 lbs. Do you think she stuck her fingers down her throat?

Sharon said...

Just coming in now since I didn't get to watch it until last night.

Tracey WAS crazy. I'm sorry, but she was being a total bitch. Her scale picks were just rude, like putting Shay on there. AND Amanda, even though she pulled through. It mostly pissed me off that Tracey had absolutely no regard for Coach Mo. So inconsiderate.

Sean and Antoine had me crying. Such awesome guys to stick up for Shay like that. I thought the same thing, though. "Antoine is dating HER?!" LOL

I enjoyed Jillian going off on Tracey. Saved me some yelling at the tv.

Michelle said...

Amy, I am going to a dinner near my home next week for women's health and Ali Vincent is the speaker!!!! I wish you were here so we could go together!