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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coming clean

skippyjon jones

Every night when I put Robbie to bed, I read him one or two stories. Usually two if we're getting upstairs on time. One if we're running late. Occasionally we'll skip the stories if it's way past bedtime.

Robbie probably has 50 or more books on his bookshelf. But I bet we only read about 15 of them. We both really like the "How Do Dinosaurs" series -- How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?, How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?, How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and all the books that follow are also favorites of ours. And one year for his birthday, we had a pancake theme going. We still love to read Mr. Wolf's Pancakes, Pancakes! Pancakes! and Hey, Pancakes!

But we don't agree on every book. I've been known to slide the original Curious George books under the bed before he can see them because they are too long. And then there was SkippyJon Jones.

When Robbie turned 5, a friend from preschool gave him the book SkippyJon Jones and the Big Bones. Robbie LOVED that book. Every night for weeks, he asked if we could read it. And I hated that book. Absolutely could not stand it.

First, I couldn't figure out if SkippyJon was a dog or a cat. I eventually figured it out, but the fact that there was a question annoyed me. Then there were all the voices and dialects that were in the book. It took so much energy to read. And I just could not read it any more.

But Robbie would ask for it every night. After a while, it became a big joke.

"Mom, let's read SkippyJon Jones and the Big..."

"NO! I can't do it!"

And he would laugh.

He still asks for it at least twice a week. And I still protest, telling him "Robbie, I haven't seen that book in a long time. I don't even know where it is."

Which is the truth. Because last summer, I snuck SkippyJon Jones and the Big Bones into the pile of books for sale at our garage sale. And I happily sold it for 50 cents to somebody's Grandma. So when I tell Robbie that I don't know where the book is, I'm not exactly lying, because I don't know who bought it or where she lives.

Then why do I feel so guilty when Robbie asks for it? And why am I sitting here with the Scholastic Books order form, about to order that stinkin' book that I hate, but my kid loves?


Joanie said...

Gina's favorite book was "Come And Have Fun". "Mouse, mouse, come out of your house, come out of your house said the cat to the mouse." We read that book so much that, when she had reading time in Kindergarten, she brought that book and "read" it to her teacher. The teacher was astounded that Gina could read at 5! Well, Duh, Mrs. D. Gina's only heard that story 800 times. Of course she knows the story by heart. Her teacher still thought Gina could read.

I think I saved that book somewhere in the house, at least, I hope I did.

Sharon said...

Order it!!
We had a book like that. "Otto Goes to Bed". When Aidan was 2.5 he wanted it every single night, 500 times. But looking back, as you know, it's more of an "aww" moment.
I try to write down these book favorites in their baby books. If they ever have kids one day, I think it'd be fun to read to THEIR kids the same books.

Some favorites around here are:
Caps for Sale
Click, Clack, Moo, Cows that Type

Maria said...

I agree with Sharon...order the book. My kids are older and they had favorites, that I gave away years ago. I would love to read those books again.....even though I couldn't stand them 18 years ago.

Lisa said...

Order the book and make Robbie do the voices. If he loves it that much, he probably has it memorized anyway. My stepson, Fletcher, loves the little Skippito too. We routinely use Holy Guacamole and Little Fluffernutter in our everyday conversation.

The book that I have trouble reading every night is Walter the Farting Dog. Of course HE thinks it is hysterical.

Joanne said...

Ahhh Kids books - miss that soooo much. Cherish the time and I bet he enjoys playing the game asking for the book. I would "almost" bet that if you buy it and he sees it the game is over and he won't even ask - just sayin.

Marine Wife said...

ah, mom guilt...