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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's no place like home

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This week's Biggest Loser opens with the Blue team coming back in after sending Coach Mo home. There is some amount of disbelief that Tracey was one of the returning players. Arrrrgggh! I am so over Tracey and her crocodile tears, boohooing because she saw the shock in people's eyes.

Now that we're 6 weeks into the season, I can start to see real physical changes in many of the contestants. Rebecca is looking downright skinny in the face.

Tonight's challenge took place on the beach. Each player (Amanda, Abby & Tracey sitting out) had to dig up a box that contained a key. The team that found all 4 boxes and keys first would unlock a trunk and win the prize that was inside. Ali wouldn't say what the prize is, only that it would "definitely determine who stays and who goes home." Each box was buried about 6 feet deep. Once one player unlocked their lock, they could go help their teammates.

Well, Ali was right about it would determine who stays and who goes home. The Blue team's box contained tickets to go home. They could choose to go home or give the tickets to the Black team and send them home. They gave the tickets to the Black team.

Which would you have chosen? Go home to see your family or stay on campus to work out with the trainers?

So the Black team traveled home. When they showed Daniel's homecoming, I was looking for his partner from last season. David, was it? At any rate, I didn't see him. No big surprise.

Does anyone else want to cut Dina's hair? I can't help it, every episode I want to cut her hair to her shoulders. That'd probably worth 2 or 3 pounds on the scale. They showed her at the gym, working out while her son sat and waited. The cynic in me thought "they wouldn't let a kid in the workout area." Just another reminder that it's not all reality on this reality show.

I felt sad for Shay. There was no big group to welcome her home, just her husband and stepchildren.

Danny's homecoming was pretty quiet too, but more emotional than Shay's.

Of all them at home, Danny was the only one who didn't eat out, though they all seemed to make pretty decent choices. Shay did the requisite spot for Subway, but she did give a great tip, asking the Subway girl to take out the inside of the bread. I like that idea. I wonder how many people will go to Subway tomorrow and ask for the inside of the bread to be removed?

OMGosh! Danny with a ponytail! I think Danny is becoming my favorite contestant on the show.

Blue team went to the LA Foodbank to stuff backpacks. I hope they really worked for a while and it was more than a photo op.

The Black team returned just in time for their last chance workout. Jillian on giving a last chance workout to a team that's been gone all week: "You can pretty much imagine it's gonna suck!"

Dr. "Phillian" showed up again, this time with Daniel during the last chance workout. He figured out that his mom's constant nagging about his weight, her encouragement that he go on a diet wasn't about him not being good enough, but was about how much she loves him.

And here's how the weigh in went down...

Allen: -8
Rebecca: -5
Tracey: -4
Liz: -4
Rudy: -14 -- He's lost 87 pounds in 6 weeks!

Total Blue team loss: 35 pounds. That mean Black must lose more than 45 pounds to stay out of the elimination room.

Amanda: -6 -- She went home and she still lost more than any of the Blue team girls!
Shay: -5
Abby: -4
Dina: -5
So Danny and Daniel had to lose more than 25 pounds combined to keep the Black team alive.
Danny: -15!
Daniel: +1

I really thought he was going to pull out the 11 -- or at least a loss of some sort. So Black team headed to elimination. My early guess as to who was going home was either Dina or Amanda. I thought Abby might be a target because of her injury, but I think her story continues to save her.

There was some argument that Daniel should go. He's the one who gained this week and he's had this opportunity before, as a contestant on last season's Biggest Loser. This had all the makings of a very interesting elimination...

Two votes for Dina, two votes for takes four votes to be sent home.

A third vote for Dina. Shay was the last vote. Of course she wasn't going to vote for Daniel, her partner. Instead, she voted for Dina, who, I am sorry to say, is NOT the Biggest Loser.

Funny that no one, it seems, considered voting for Amanda. That's where my vote would have been cast.

Dina left the ranch having lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks. I wouldn't kick that number out of bed for eating crackers. She's lost another 30 pounds at home. And what's better -- she went to get a makeover -- including a new hairstyle!

And in case you didn't see my earlier post today, Jillian Michaels is getting her own show! Read all about it here.


Marine Wife said...

The best part of Dina's at-home time was her son watching her and being amazed at his mom running and saying, "She can do anything!" I hope she's realizing that now, too.

Joanne said...

I had to zip through this episode - thanks for the recap - I didn't miss too much. Dina looks fabulous (without the hair)!!!

Melinda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Amy. I have to say I don't watch Biggest Loser. I'm an American Idol junkie! ;0)

Sharon said...

I'm nodding in agreement:
-I would have voted to send Amanda home
-It was sad to see Shay's return home, and the fact that those stepkids didn't even GET UP when she walked in the door.
~but at least Shay seemed to have the 2 good friends

-I am LOVING DANNY!!! He and Rudy are my favorites. But Danny! Wow! NOT eating out. Being so dedicated. I love him.

I'm also seeing a new Liz. Feisty, cursing, etc. Not sure if it's something I like yet or not.

So Amy, who do you predict will be the biggest loser this season? (I have a name in my head)

Anonymous said...

I would have also voted to stay on the ranch, as much as I would miss my family.

You are right on about Dina's hair! About halfway through the episode, I turned to my daughter and said "I hope she makes it to the makeover show so her hair will get cut!" Then she was off, but got it done anyway. Yay!

I also thought it was sad when Shay went home that they didn't even get up, but I thought it was really weird that the kids didn't even seem to know where she had been. By the way, did I miss something... I don't even remember her talking about stepkids, barely even a husband. Shay is all about the me, me, me...

Danny is definitely growing on me. I loved him in this episode!

Crazy Bug Eyes - I mean, Tracey - has got to go. Although it was fun to see her finally in the gym. I wish Bob would really kick her butt, or hand her over to Jillian! And how crazy was she when she was disappointed at the weigh-in? From quiet to crazy in 2 seconds - even Allison didn't know what to say.

I don't know how Dina got chosen; I would have sent Amanda as well, but there it is.

Joanie said...

I like reading everyone's comments before I comment. Sometimes someone will see something I miss and I think, "Oh yeah!"

Amy!! I found a site to apply for The Biggest Loser!

I did notice that Shay's homecoming was really blah! I didn't know she was married and had a family!!!

I think Amanda finally has the light bulb on. She gets what she has to do now. She was also the biggest loser of all the women this week.

Scary Tracey is going to hurt herself again, I bet. She was going whole hog, trying to catch up to everyone else. She still creeps me out. I want her gone!!!

I really like Allen and Danny so far. I like Abby too, but not crazy about the other women. Daniel is disappointing me. I hope once Abby gets the go-ahead to start working out in earnest, she'll do well.

Yeah, you can really start to see the weight loss on everyone.

What I want to see are the folks from the past 2 seasons and see what they look like now! I really hope Vickie and that other broad have gained weight back (aren't I mean?)

Someone here mentioned Liz. I wonder if she's still planning to vote Tracey out. they were all friendly and huggy this week. Was it a show that Liz was putting on to throw Tracey off or what? time will tell!

Joanie said...

I found a site for previous Biggest Loser contestant... a where are they now site. here it is:

I am Happy to report that Heba and her whipped husband, Ed are gaining back their weight! They were evil, evil evil!!!

Evil Vickie has only gained back 5 pounds. she does something smart. Once a week, she puts on her finale jeans. If they feel tight, she cuts back on calories and increases her exercise. I REALLY disliked her!!!

Helen, last season's winner, re-gained 18 pounds. I'm still pissed that she won. I thought she looked old and wrinkly and flabby on finale night. yuck!

Tara, my favorite from last season re-gained 22 pounds. I really wanted to see her keep it off.

Check out this site!! It's really interesting. Not everyone participated in this part. I guess the big gainers didn't want everyone to know. although the first winner every has gained back 100 pounds.

Amy said...

@Joanie - Thanks for the link. I'm not surprised that so many of the contestants have gained back some weight. Their exercise/diet regimens are so extreme on the ranch, they are bound to see their weight settle a little higher when they get back home. Interesting that they didn't include Vicky's husband. I do like her finale jeans test.

stewbert said...

I only got to see part of the weigh in. Came here for the recap. hehe

I would've voted for Amanda, too.

I didn't know Shay was married and had stepkids -- that bites that they didn't really welcome her home. :/

Joanie said...

Amy, I think those who aren't on the link have probably gained quite a bit of weight back, and won't agree to a "where are they now" feature.