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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Biggest Loser: Order Up!

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This week on the Biggest Loser:

- Bob and Jillian weren't all hoo-rah about Sean and Antoine falling on the sword so Shay could stay at the ranch another week. "They have to learn how to put themselves first," Jillian said.

- Amanda said for the 500th time "America chose me to be here," causing this blogger to gag a little bit. Is anyone else tired of hearing that?

- The contestants were forbidden from the kitchen and had to order every meal from a take-out menu for the entire week! To make sure they didn't cheat and try to whip themselves up some healthy fare, there were locks on the kitchen cabinets. Trust me, I've considered doing that at home before. But I think that putting this challenge in week 4 seemed a little unfair. Seems like they should have given the contestants another couple of weeks to get better at healthy eating.

- All the contestants went out to a Mexican restaurant w/Bob and Jillian. Their dinners didn't look bad, but it wasn't what I would want to order at a Mexican restaurant. Of course, that's probably why I'm shaped like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

- Paging Dr. Jillian, who hung apparently hung out her psychotherapy shingle on the gym door. Before the end of the episode, she got into the heads of Julio ("Some people jump in a bottle, take pills. I eat cheeseburgers. That's my drug of choice. "); Rebecca ("I want to wear skinny jeans and have a family and not just be the girl with the pretty face.); and Rudy, who could have crushed her with his pinky, but didn't because Jillian and her crazy ways are what he's on the ranch for.

- Dr. H. told Tracy she was not allowed to exercise at all - not even walking or swimming - because her CPK enzyme was very elevated. For us non-medical types, this link explains CPK. Amazingly, she lost 4 pounds anyway.

- Aside from the silent plug for Extra Sugar-Free Gum, Allison plugged the new book Biggest Loser Simple Swaps, which seems to be kind of like "Eat This, Not That.

- Daniel won immunity for the Orange Team by hanging from his hands on a platform that got steeper longer than any other player. It seems in these challenges that so much of this is mental.
Daniel wanted to win so he knew he would make it past week 4 in this season (the week he got voted off last season). Even after Allen gave in, Daniel still hung on wanting to be certain that he really did win.

- At the weigh in, Danie lost 0. Shay lost 5. But they had immunity. Was 0 pounds lost a strategy or a coincidence?

- Teams Brown (Liz and Danny) and Black (Julio) ended up below the yellow line. I'm glad that the Green Team was safe. Statistically, sending 2 people home made sense -- that much closer to being the last one standing. But emotionally, it would have been easier for me to think that I was only crushing one person's dream by sending the Black team home.

- Mo and Tracy disagreed over which team to vote for. I think Mo should have gotten to make the decision. He's carried that team and he should get to exercise some authority over it. But Mo let Tracy have her way and that makes me mad.

- In the end, Julio was voted off. His goodbye message was genuine and touching. At home he's lost over 100 pounds! "My love for food is not gone. I'm just changing the way I'm doing it," he said.

The preview for next week makes me hope the week goes by fast.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Who would you have voted for? Does Amanda bug you as much as she bugs me? Do you have a favorite team yet?


stewbert said...

Thanks so much for this -- I've been trying to find out who went home since I missed the show tonight, saw your blurb on TBL forum. Tracey bugs the dickens out of me, and enough with amanda's super heavy eyeliner and "america chose me!" line.

I'll be sure and catch the episode on the website, but it was really bugging me that I didn't know who got booted!

Marine Wife said...

As soon as I saw Tracy sitting and Mo standing, I knew who got to make the decision. When they revealed their choice, my husband's reaction was, "Why does she always get her way? He's carried them all this time." Mo needs to man up and stand up to Tracy.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Amanda doesn't bug me so much because I am sure they ask her the questions to get her talking about being Americas choice! I think this is far more scripted than we thought! (especially since I seen a tweet from Bob Harper a few weeks back that he was going over his lines with his assistant!) I am getting sick of hearing "I am more than a pretty face!" I think she is trying to convince America that she is prettier than she really is!

I am probably like most of America and are torn between orange and green! I love them both!

I also would have voted Julio for the same reason as you! I am surprised that most of them didn't see it that way! Anyhow, I was never crazy about Julio, but his follow up has inspired me more than the others surprisingly! He has done a great job at home! And it seems that losing all that weight had helped his speech too!

0 pounds from Danny boy? Oh gosh! I don't know what to think of that! I thought it was just the eating out too until I seen all the rest of the weights! Of course, I originally thought when he picked Shay that it was strategic too!

Marine Wife said...

btw, thanks for calling me tiny! (I just look that way in that old pic next to Stretch!)

Old Woman said...

After this week - surprisingly Shay is growing to be a thron in my side. I'm sorry she's had a sucky life. Her reaction to the food for a year challenge and the look on her face when someone else won made me not like her. I'm so over the "feel sorry for me" thing she's got going on. Stand up girl and take control of your life. I think she's playing the "wow is me" card as her own game play. If she can make the viewers feel sorry for her all season, if she makes it to the finals - shes banking on the fact that we will feel so sorry for her we will vote her as the winner. Well gues what, this Jersey Girl can read her like a book. I'm pulling for team Green. I'm loving Abby. She's got the best story line and never uses it as her right to be there.

Vicki said...

I don't care for Tracy,one bit. If she goes,Mo goes,right? I like the green team,can identify with Abby on losing family. Turning to food for comfort.(I didn't lose my whole family like she did,but my precious little girl).
Here's hoping that Tracy doesn't get to pick teams next week;hate to think of another Heba!

Shannon said...

YES! Amanda is getting on my nerves, I never voted for her either!

I think last night showed who the alliances are kind of going already.

Orange & Pink are for sure in tight with each other and Red was with them until they went home and they like Alexandra and was upset when they sent her home right away.

Then, I think it is Brown (was Black), Blue and POSSIBLY Green. Not sure though.

Purple, well, I don't think they have ANYONE in with them too tightly! Haha

I DID get tickled when they went out to eat and Liz was ordering and Bob and Jill sais, you don't want the sauce and she looked at them and said, "Yes I DO want the sauce!" LOL!

I do not like Daniel as much as I liked him last season, I believe he really is playing the game this season and I am not sure it is for the RIGHT reasons, but then who plays the game for the RIGHT reasons???

I DID like Julio personally and I love how GRACEFULLY he left the ranch and was not mad at anyone and wow, he is looks GREAT! His eyes stay open when he smiles.

Here's my faves in order of who is left


Purple (I like Coach Mo, but he is gonna have to stand up to Tracey!)

Shay is a whiner, Rebecca and Amanda are whiners too... So, it looks like they are going to blue and black next week... I like the two trainers training together... I hope Tracey gets Jillian and is able to exercise, cause I wanna see Jillian take her down, haha!

Perhaps I should start my own blog on the BL, haha!

Amy said...

@stewbert -- Welcome! Hope you'll become a regular.

@OldWoman -- I noticed that look too. Like it was personal against her.

@Vicki -- Sorry to hear about your loss. I can't even imagine what that would be like.

@Shannon -- If you ever want to guest post on TBL night, let me know.

Anonymous said...

I look fwd to your weekly updates on BL. I have classes Tuesday and Thursday nights so I miss about 1.15 hrs of the show. I usually only make the beginning of the weigh-ins and by then, I have no idea why everyone's so upset all the time. LOL. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Diane in Toronto

Lisa said...

I definitely am rooting for the green team because of the Indiana connection and because of Abby. I can't imagine the strength it takes her to just get out of bed each morning and face the day without her family. Maybe it gets easier, but wow. I admire her no matter what happens on the show.

I agree that the show is more scripted than we think. I think they will keep Tracy and Mo as Mo's reward for putting up with Tracy until they switch to individual players and then Tracy will be gone!

Joanie said...

Wow!! So many of us are of the same mind this season!

Yes, Pink team is starting to bug me. I didn't like Pink last year either. (I'm still grrr that Helen won, that skinny wrinkled mess!)

Shay needs to put her bad past behind her and get herself moving! Yeah, she was NOT happy to lose that food for a year challenge! And she's quite vocal in her dislike of Tracey!

Tracey. BLECH!!! I was glad when the Doc said she couldn't exercise. I was glad when Mo fell into the water and they lost immunity. She's a pushy bossy self-absorbed bitch (can I say bitch here?). Poor Mo. He really got stuck with her, didn't he? I have no idea how she lost 4 pounds unless she's hiding laxatives or something. I wish we could find out WHY Mo is letting her have her way. On the food challenge, she blurted out meal 3 when it was CLEARLY the worst of all 3 meals! Mo never had a chance to say a word! Well, he won't have to worry about that any more!

Brown team. Eh. They don't impress me one way or the other. They are like their color... blah.

I think I like the Green Team too. They're just nice. and respectful and they don't whine about everything!

The previews for next week? I am so afraid that Tracey won the challenge and will choose the sides for Black Team/Blue Team. I hope I'm wrong. And I hope Tracey goes home ext week. At least, she won't be dragging Mo with her now.